Milwaukee M18 Fuel Drywall Screw Gun!

5December 2021

the Milwaukee m18 fuel screw gun thumbs
way up yeah think about it I think I like the other auto feature okay
the gun doesn't activate so you hold the trigger down and until there's pressure
the motor doesn't run saves battery saves battery life extends runtime it
actually extends the tool life as well okay that's pretty cool feature comes
with the the red lithium 2.0 battery I've I've hung hundreds of sheets you
know with these batteries nope no problems at all I think we I don't know
what Milwaukee states but I think we've hung I've hung 50 sheets you know at a
time so I like it so this this Milwaukee fuel drywall gun it's a bra it's a
brushless it's a process drill and brushless motors in it and in case
you're wondering let's just maybe you're not familiar this is a drywall specific
gun this is for driving screws into drywall okay so it has a nose it has a
nose cone kind of like an airplane and the nose cone is adjustable okay to set
the depth of the screw okay so let's just say you didn't set the depth deep
enough and this screw is popping out in the drywall you wouldn't be able to get
wing compound over that screw head to hide it
so this has a much like most drywall guns it has an adjustable nose cone okay
so you could see if you turn it if you turn it clockwise counter clockwise I
don't know which direction that is if you turn it to the right here it will
set the screw deeper and if you back it up counterclockwise it will will have
the screw head stick out a little bit depending on your your situation if
you're screwing the drywall in it and an inside corner you might need to go a
little deeper so this is adjustable or common
that my personal opinion is if you're a do-it-yourselfer okay it's a nice tool
to have okay you know if you have a lot of drywall to
hang but it's not totally necessary you could always just use your a regular
screw gun and get a drywall dimple tip for it like Norman's phone you could
always get this attachment for your your standard screw gun I'll tell you what
the tip is blocked in there pretty good so I'm not gonna get maybe you have to
there you go pops right out so you could get this dimple tip okay for your screw
gun that you already own okay if you're if you have a few sheets or you know a
number of sheets to hang you want you want to make sure this who's our salt
correctly but you don't have hundreds of sheets to have this this drywall
specific gun comes in very handy when you're working with metal studs this
motor spins up and spins the screw so pretty it allows you to easily drive
that screw into the metal stud so that's why I prefer to use a drywall gun this
is my first cordless drywall gun I had at the wall corded unit previously and I
kind of am just getting I'm just getting I'm giving this a a run-through right
now they say that you're able to this this motor runs quicker than the corded
version of a drywall gun and it and it works it's supposed to set the screws
faster I don't know if that's true or not they're also you know the only other
limiting factor is is that you're using a uh you're using a battery so that will
run out but it is it's quick you know clicking is easy it's just to pop a new
battery on plus you have extender runtime batteries but with the cordage a
corded drywall gun you don't have to worry about the battery going dead ever
correct the only thing is is that you do have to worry about tripping over cords
I think I prefer the idea of the cordless gun but it's gonna take a
little bit more time could definitively tell you yay or nay
on the Milwaukee Fuel m18 drywall gun if you liked this video we hope you give it
a like leave your comments below maybe you own this gun let us know your
experiences with it make sure you're getting subscribed and as always thanks
a lot and have a great day oh yeah share this video peace

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