Milwaukee M18 Fuel Jig Saw VS. Dewalt 20V Max XR Jig Saw (Tool Duel) Episode 4

4December 2021

what's up everybody and welcome to
today's edition of tool duel we're gonna post all the specs and the cool features of
each tool but I want to know in the comment section below which tool do you
like the best which one has the coolest features and
what would you change I want you all to decide the winner between the two of
these coolers how with that being said let's take a look at the two tools that
will be competing in the today's tool duel what's up all we're back with another
episode of the tool duel we got two bad boys that you guys have been asking for
me to put together so here it is we got the Milwaukee m18 fuel jigsaw and
the D wall 20 volt max XR now we have reviews for both of these on the channel
I will put a link in a cart up above for you to check them out in full by
themselves but let's take a look at them side by side and I want you to decide
which one you like better now either one of these saws that are great by but some
of you in the Milwaukee line some of you are in the DeWalt line some of you don't
have either tool and are trying to decide which one you like better maybe
this will help you out so let's take a look at some of the features and we're
also gonna talk about the price which we usually don't do on the review videos
first off the Milwaukee fuel now this bad boy will run you $1.99 for the tool
only right no battery no case nada just a tool now two stroke length on
this one inch and wait for this 4.85 it is the bigger out of the two now as
far as it goes two strokes per minute you're looking at 3,500 now you also got
positive stops at the zero the fifteen degree the thirty degree and a forty
five-degree will show you those here in a bit wondering it is brushless it's the
power state brushless motor and red link plus intelligence to provide the higher
blade performance now those take the m18 batteries let's
take a look at the d walt a hundred and seventy nine dollars for the bear tool
only they also use the t shank and it has the brushless motor technology now
even though the Milwaukee is the bigger out of the to the D Walt is actually the
heavier out of the two at five point two pounds and the stroke length one inch
also on this jigsaw now you also got the positive detents at zero degree 15
degree 30 degree and a forty five-degree not to mention 3200 strokes per minute
so a little bit less than the Milwaukee fuel now if you look at the two
side-by-side you would think that the Milwaukee weighs more but as it stands
on the Home Depot page that the Walt is coming in a little bit heavier they're
both very comfortable sauces used but that being said you get a little bit
more maneuverability out of the DeWalt just because it's a little bit smaller
they both got the D shaped handles extremely comfortable and they are both
very well-built now let's take a look at the battery
placement they both go into the back of the saw themselves right here you can
see the D wall and the Milwaukee batteries very easy to put in and take
out and also house balance out that tool a little bit doesn't really matter what
size batteries you're going with these if you go with the 12 point Oh with the
Milwaukee or the 9.0 with the wall really not an issue when it comes to
balance and check out the two sides here you got about an inch difference the
Milwaukee has a longer shoe both have removable shoe protection guards right
here very simple to take those off it's too damaged to replace them so I like
that on the Milwaukee and in the wall but you can see here's your adjustment
screws what I like about the Milwaukee that the D wall does not have is your
wrench comes right with the saw and is stored in the back would have been nice
to see the wall add that but they didn't now another thing that the Milwaukee has
that the D Walt does not is the dust collector all you got to do is hook a
back up to that you won't does not have that to collect that dust but they both
have blowers I'll show you that here in a second all right so here's the blower
on the Milwaukee you can turn it on and off if you want they both do an
excellent job taking that dust and blowing it out but you can turn it off
if you want with the Milwaukee you don't have that capability on the wall it does
an excellent job taking that dust and blowing it
but once again there's a just another feature now as far as it goes with blade
release check this out the Milwaukee has a typical blade release lever right here
in the front it's actually really smooth no issues with getting that in and out
like that but check out what the wall did I love this release right here
probably my favorite out of every jigsaw ever use just pull that out it opens it
up and closes it back down so all you got to do is take that blade put her in
there just like so and then close it back up again super simple love that on
the d wall now what about the LED lights do
has two of them one on a left one on the right they both stay on for about 10
seconds even after you pull the trigger now these are pretty bright lights
they're both led there's a high daylight around 5,000 K where the Milwaukee only
has the one LED light in the front right here does a great job lighting up the
area but not as bright as the waltz now they both have the lock buttons right
here the waltz is a little bit smoother a
little bit smaller about the feature right here on the DeWalt you can
actually adjust the speed by using this knob right here goes from 1 to 7
Milwaukee does not have that that being said there's no way to lock that blade
in and keep it going automatically even with the adjustment on there now even
though the Milwaukee does not have that they both still have variable speed
triggers and they both work very well but what about the oscillation the
Milwaukee you have four different settings you got zero to three that zero
is off three is full on oscillation it's a monster the DeWalt same thing here you
got the zero and then the three but it's not marked with the numbers like the
Milwaukee is again it's a monster you'll rip through anything you throw in front
of either one of these saws I guarantee it all right so as far as it goes with
the edge guide you have the attachments to go right here either one of them
comes with it again these are the bear tools that I will put in the link in the
description below so as far as it goes with the bevel right here you've got the
positive stops the detent on the Milwaukee you have a pin that actually
locks those in very simply just slide that forward adjust it to which ever
degree you want and then push that back in it will lock and then throw that
lever down all right let me show you what that pin looks like right here you
can see it push down on that that pin will pop out you find your adjustment
you slider back down in and then lock it now as far as it goes well pretty much
the exact same setup except where it has notches that are marked also very smooth
go left to right the lever itself is actually a lot easier to get to
then the Milwaukee is just because it's a little bit smaller to saw and it's
just a little bit more ergonomic you can see the marks right here to tell you
what angle you're cutting it now these both work very well they're
very smooth very easy to make the different degree bevels but again that's
up to you which one do you like better out
the two all right now I'm gonna let you hear what this sounds like again the
DeWalt the blade putting in taking out extremely easy and that blade goes in
every single time perfectly straight now on the reviews that we did for each one
of these sauce check them out because there's a lot more cutting in them but
I'm gonna let you hear what this sounds like right now and I'm also going to use
the adjustment speed knob for you to hear it now in the beginning I brought that
adjustment down so you can start out slower if you want with the cuts but
again you can use that adjustment knob or the variable speed trigger the
Milwaukee only has a variable speed trigger right here you can hear it
alright let's start this up I'll let you hear this one absolute monsters both of these sauce
doesn't matter what you put in front of it it will cut right through now even
though these are great saws I want you to decide which one you like better and
be honest about it I know we got the wall fan boys I know we got Milwaukee
fan boys what would you like to see change on either one of these or what
would you not change at all on either one of these now I'm not here to give
you my own opinion cuz I do that all the time but I will tell you this the
Milwaukee does feel like it cuts a lot smoother they both have tons of power
the Milwaukee does have more strokes per minute up to 300 more actually but when
it comes to the DeWalt you got a couple extra features I really love that blade
change it's cheaper by twenty dollars and it's a little bit more sleep than
the Milwaukee so here we go which one do you like better out of it – the
brushless fuel Milwaukee m18 or the DeWalt 20 volt max X R and with that
I'll leave it up to you guys to decide don't forget to thumbs up subscribe and
check us out at tour of U zone comm we'll be back with more videos soon

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