Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ Power Feed Drain Cleaners

9November 2021

Hi everyone, my name is Henk Loggen, Milwaukee Power Tools Product Manager. Today we will take you through the M18 fuel drain cleaner. The M18 Power Feed is the world's first hand-held waste cleaner that is powered by an 18V battery, has a fully enclosed drum, a flat base for tool storage and an automatic feeding system that guarantees continuous line feeding. M18 Power Feed is the perfect hand tool for drains from 32 mm to 75 mm, covering all these bathroom applications for sinks, baths, showers and kitchen sinks. Let's go step by step through the tool and its functions.

The first M18, which is a Milwaukee 18 volt. This tool runs on a variety of 18V platforms on the market today. With more than 165 other tools on this platform, it is the perfect companion for M18 users who can buy a nude model without a battery and add them to their existing platform. Come on, fuel. . FUEL combines 3 elements of technology that make Milwaukee a leader in wireless innovation. The first is a Redlithium battery, the second is REDLINK + technology and the third is an AC motor.

By combining these 3 technologies, Milwaukee has a system that outperforms all other AC or brushed systems on the market. Let's look at the features of this tool for users, starting with a fully enclosed drum. This means that the cable entering the drains to unlock it rotates in a drum located in the outer drum. This allows the user to focus fully on their work, instead of concentrating on this rotating outer drum, you still see most handheld vacuum cleaners. . It easily eliminates user stress and increases productivity. In addition, it provides the user with better clutter in the storage because all the sludge that comes from the drain cable is well caught in the drum. The second feature I highlight is the flat base. Often one of the problems with these manual drain cleaners is that they allow you to store the tool at the bottom of the cabinet, on the sink or on the floor. We realized that it was a struggle for users to fight, and therefore turned to a flat base. We can just put the tool on the surface and have a free hand to get the cable in and out of the drain.

Again, it provides the user with more comfort and productivity. Then we move on to the third function, which is the cable unit. Milwaukee has introduced a cable drive system that automatically feeds and slides the cable into 3 positions located on the front of the tool. It is very easy to use. Position 1 is neutral. Leaving the cable drive in the neutral position allows the user to manually feed or insert the cable.

This is particularly advantageous when the first part is fed to the drain before the tool is actuated. Position 2 is a lock. We take the handle at the front, move it back and turn it to the right. The cable is now locked. This means that it will not power or hide any cable in or out of the drain. This position is ideal for working with paving as soon as you reach it. By simply moving the tool back and forth, we remove the blockage. Position 3 is automatic feed and reverse. Grasp the handle at the front, slide it forward, and turn it to the right until it is fully tightened. Now we can slide the cable into the drain using the switch located on the handle. After switching the tool to the right, we feed and switch to the left to rewind the cable. This way you do not have to adjust the cable drive, just adjust the direction of rotation so that the cable moves or retracts. The last part of this tool is the data container. Storage is an easy way to transport M18 Power Feed for better clutter storage. We take M18 Power, put it upside down in the bucket, that's so that all the sludge in the drum can flow into the bucket.

Then we have our accessory tray, which is located at the top. The charger, battery and socket heads can be placed in this magazine. We place the tray on top, close the bucket and we are ready for further work. This tool is available in 3 models, First: tool, cable 10 mm x 10.5 m, 4 different heads, with battery case and charger. Secondly: as a naked model, tools, cable with an inner core of 10 mm x 10.5 m and 1 mounting head, in a storage container, without battery and charger. Third: as a nude model, ie without battery and charger, tools, 8 mm cable with inner core with constant snail bulb, in a storage container All 3 tools are equipped with a 10.5 m cable as standard. 6 mm cables are also available. , 10.5 and 15 m and 8 mm x 15 m cable . Available as accessories. The M18 Power Feed is the perfect tool for service installers and vacuum cleaners who often get into these types of blockages. Thank you for watching and enjoying the M18 Power Feed..

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