Milwaukee M18 FUEL SAWZALL 2821-20 Review (Gen 2 BEAST!)

21December 2021

This is a quick review and demonstration 
of the Milwaukee M18 FUEL brushless   sawzall reciprocating saw. The saw is 
modeled 2821-20 but i got it as a kit.   The kit is model 2821-22 and it came with 
the saw, two XC5.0 amp hour batteries,   a regular charger, and a case. Let's check it 
out and then i'll show you the tool in action. This sawzall is a demolition dream. Brushless 
motor, so longer time, lots of power, and fast   cuts. It's comfortable to use and vibrations 
are minimal. There's a trigger lock for safety, variable speed trigger, and an LED 
on the front to light the work area.   The pivot shoe can be adjusted from one inch to 
a maximum of roughly two and a half inches using   the shoe release buttons on both sides, and that 
provides better support with longer blades. I've   also found it allows me to get more life out 
of shorter blades since by adjusting the shoe   I can change what area of the blade is being 
used to cut.

The saw has a Quik-Loc blade clamp,   which at first i didn't like as much as the 
quick change mechanisms of other saws I have.   It's stiff and awkward, but then I realized if 
I stand the saw up, slide in the blade, and then   just turn the clamp mechanism the blade drops in. 
Easier… it's still stiff though. The rafter hook   is a nice touch and will be helpful to some folks, 
but I rarely use it and I may eventually remove   it to reduce overall weight. Speaking of weight, 
the specs say the bare tool weighs 6.8 pounds…   my scale's off a little…

And Milwaukee points 
out on the packaging that this model is half a   pound lighter than model 2720-20. Okay! However, 
of all my saws this one's the heaviest… well   excluding my 12 amp corded saw, but that won't 
have the added weight of a battery. And keep   in mind a cordless tool's weight will ultimately 
depend on the battery that gets strapped into it. I know, but put an HD12 on this Milwaukee bad 
boy and the tool is going to weigh 10 pounds. The sawzall has a one and a quarter inch stroke 
length and under no load provides up to 3   000 strokes per minute. That's the same spec as 
another sawzall I have by another brand although   my other saw, actually my other saws, have brushed 
motors; however under load the Milwaukee had a   lot more power and made faster cuts.

It wasn't 
even a contest. We all know that time is money   and efficiency is everything. That better 
version of me on the left? He's already   packing up to go home, but that me on the right? 
Man, he's gonna be late for dinner… again!   Sorry honey! Now, I predominantly use Milwaukee 
blades, but I do use other brands as well. Any   universal saw blade with a half inch shank will 
work in this tool. It's important to note though   that this saw does not have multiple 
blade positions like the super sawzall   [Sorry flush cuts!], but blades can be inserted 
teeth up or teeth down for plunge cutting.   Wait! Does that count as one or two blade 
positions? I don't know. Oh and I should also   point out that this saw does not have One Key 
bluetooth tracking if that's important to you. With the 5 amp hour batteries that come 
with the kit, the tool's runtime and power   are really good; however, check this out.   When I strapped in the xc6 and hd 12 high 
output batteries I was impressed! The high   output batteries provided even more power and 
more runtime.

Does it get any better than that? To charge the included 5 amp hour 
batteries the kit only comes with a basic,   slow, regular charger, which is fine for me 
given I have a rapid charger, supercharger,   and an arsenal of m18 batteries… but a 
rapid charger would have been a nicer touch. Let's take a look at the case. It's rugged. 
It's pretty, but I probably could live without   it. These days I really only use cases for large 
specialty tools like the Milwaukee rotary hammer.   For small to medium tools and their accessories 
I prefer throwing them into larger toolboxes with   other tools. Makes things easier to transport. 
Anyway, the molded case in this kit can   accommodate a regular or rapid charger, and two 
batteries including the high output XC6 amp hour   and HD12 amp power batteries.

The thing that's 
lacking here is blade storage. It isn't great.   Milwaukee's little blade storage box, the one 
that comes with most blade sets these days,   doesn't fit, but a few loose six inch blades will 
fit in the right front compartment or even under   the saw. Longer blades like milwaukee's 12-inch 
axe demo blades? Well, they don't have a good home   in this case. They're too long to fit under the 
saw or really anywhere else.

I was able to squeeze   a few in diagonally, but only when there was an 
XC5 amp hour battery in the spare battery cutout.   It's a shame there's no place for accessories. 
Oh! And don't think you can use the pocket on   the lid for blade storage. It's only good for 
the manuals. I slipped a few blades in there   and I had to tip the case over to get them out. 
All right, now I'm going to show you the tool in   action.

I had some fresh blades, fresh batteries, 
and a bunch of stuff to demo for the trash.   A good place to start would be 
some pressure treated 2×4's.   Let's do it again with a 12 
amp hour high output battery. It didn't seem that different, but let's 
line them up and check it out again. That's awesome! Now for some 5×5 
cedar fence posts. I've adjusted   the Milwaukee's pivot shoe for the longer 
blade and you can see how well it performs.

And for fun let's compare the last cut 
to one made with my brushed saw… the   one that has the same strokes 
per minute spec under no load. It's not even a competition. So I went and got an xc6 high output battery 
and now we'll compare that to the xc5. Ah yeah! Let's move on to a pressure treated 4×6 and   we'll compare the XC5 to the XC6 high output 
battery. I think you can guess who wins. I needed to cut down this rotted bulkhead 
door made of pine tongue and groove,   so I figured I'd show you that as well. The Milwaukee just outperformed 
so I wanted to keep going. And then unable to believe how good the 
Milwaukee was I had to try my other saw again,   but the speed and power of the Milwaukee even 
with only the XC 5 amp hour battery was far superior.

Since this is a sawzall after all I also 
tested it with other materials as well.   Check it out. This is one and a half inch PVC. Effortless! Let's watch it again and compare 
it to using a high output battery. Yeah, yeah congratulations 
kid! Lastly the tool comes   with Milwaukee's five-year warranty and the 
batteries come with a three-year warranty.   To wrap up, this saw is a beast compared to my 
other sawzalls.

It's powerful, comfortable to use,   and great for demolition. Are there things I'd 
like added or improved? For example, lighter   weight housing and multiple blade positions for 
flush cuts? Sure, but I'm not complaining. This   is another great Milwaukee tool. I hope this 
video has been helpful. Thanks for watching!.

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