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8November 2021

Hi this is Kevin Czechorski with GME Supply. I'm here in our showroom today in front of
our Milwaukee display. They're really well known for their power
tools but we're going to focus today on their 12 and 18-volt cordless power tool line. Alright, the M18 line is Milwaukee's 18-volt
variety of cordless power tool. They're really light weight and ergonomic. They feel really ergonomic in your hand while
you're using them. They're professional grade, they're actually
Milwaukee's fastest growing line of power tools. They've got all sorts of different varieties. Everything from impact drivers, to cordless
band saws and sawzalls to your regular drills and hammer drills. So powering the M18 line we have their REDLITHIUM
battery packs. They're the most durable battery packs on
the market. They've been recently redesigned to charge
faster and last longer. They come in two different varities. Your standard and your extra capacity, which
will last up to twice as long. Either option can be used in any of the M18

They even come with a cool gauge on the front. You push a button and it'll show you exactly
how much charge you've got left based on this 4 LED light system on the front. Another cool thing Milwaukee is offering is
their FUEL line, which is their brushless motor system. The advanced technology and electronics allow
for less power consumption which means you don't have to keep running back and forth
to the charger to get a fresh battery in the middle of the job. And allows the operating temperature to stay
cooler on the tool.

The other benefit to having a brushless system
is there are no wear parts, so you don't have to constantly be worried about the inside
of your drill or powertool wearing out on you. If you're a smaller, more lightweight platform,
Milwaukee offers their M12 line, which runs on a 12-volt lithium ion battery. It's going to be great at getting into those
tight, compact situations but will still offer you enough power to get the job done. They offer everything from your standard drills
and drivers, to things like thermal imagers and grease guns, to pipe cutters and jig saws. Just like the M18 line, the M12 line offers
a FUEL option, as well, to give you those same great brushless benefits. Another cool thing Milwaukee's been doing
was the introduction of their thermal heated jackets, which actually run on the same 12-volt
REDLITHIUM battery. All these tools are available individually,
but Milwaukee does also offer combo kits so you can get every tool that you need to get
your job done.

See our entire line of Milwaukee power tools
and any accessories that you would need on our website at

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