Milwaukee Quik Lok Attachment System Review

10November 2021

what is up everybody Phillip Bridges here
today and today we are going to take a look at the milwaukee quick lock weed
eater kit coming right up all right this is the milwaukee quick lock eat a weed
eater kit it comes with the with this kit it comes with the 10 inch pole saw
and the weed eater attachment now this retails for $329 I'll put a link in the
description below and you can also get a couple other attachments with this too
you can get a edger that retails for about a hundred sixty four dollars and
you can get a I'm sorry a hedger that retails for one hundred and sixty four
dollars on the edger retails for about a hundred and nine dollars you can also
get a strap with this a weed eater kit that you can get for a Milwaukee strap
which I don't know why they didn't include it but you know the charge of
twenty three dollars for that all that stuff I'll put in the link this in the
description below but now let's get on into this unit this
unit is twelve point three pounds instead of Milwaukee's five-year
warranty you get Milwaukee three year warranty I'm not happy about that
because pretty much all other Milwaukee tools you get a five-year warranty so
Wyatt you get a three year warranty on this and not a five year warranty that's
a kind of like strike one against Milwaukee on that this unit has up to a
one hour runtime on a 9.0 battery that comes with the kit the RPMs on the weed
eater kit are 6,200 rpms on high and about four thousand nine hundred rpms on
now this has a six inch cut diameter when when used it has a nice guard on it
and it has an advanced bump system so when you run out of start to run a
string you just bump it on the ground and it will shoot string out of the the
loading rings now the line that take is taken for the weed eater our point
Blackie's point zero eight inch and L goal two point zero nine five inch
diameter line it has a variable speed control on this unit it has a like I
said a high and a low and you can feather this pretty well I'll show you a
demonstration you know towards the end of the video of the unit of the the weed
eater and the pole saw now it has anti vibration and MIT has Milwaukee's
brushless motor system like always it's a great motor system that Milwaukee
design this has zero emissions and it has the quick lock feature this is
really nice because it's so easy to change these units out all you do is you
shove this in and there is an arrow that it'll lock in and you just tighten this
little nut on the side of the unit and this is locked in and ready to go and
same thing to take the unit apart all you do is undo the wing nut push down on
the clip and the weedeater attachment comes out easy for storage
now the cool thing about this unit is they say
you can load 25 feet of line in this in under 30 seconds that's right
under 30 seconds I know on my gas-powered steel one it takes me a good
good 8 to 10 minutes to load it ok so there are these little red notches we
want to line up the little red notches right here just line them up and we're
going to take our string and we're going to just thread it through this little
load I and there's one on the other side we're just going to read it
sorry thread it through and we want to pull about half I want to pull half of
this line through now I kind of thought this was crazy at first but then you got
half your line through and you need to go a little bit more pull your line
through and then all you do is you just turn it that's all you're doing just
turn them get a little workout in you know just do this just go in a clockwise
rotation look at I'm left I'm right handed down I'm doing a left handed and
it's it's easy I don't know if we're gonna get past the
third up to the 30-second mark I think it's gonna be almost almost white there
all right now I went a little past on this getting I didn't get even but
that's pretty good for for my for my first try of loading it so that's that's
it that's pretty cool because sometimes it takes you it can take you forever to
load your string up and that's kind of like the biggest downfall of weed eating
it's like oh well and got a run got a you know get more string and I got a sit
there it with a screwdriver and finagle the top the head off and get that in and
you know then you got to sit there and you guys sit there and wind each side
and then you got to pray that before you put the head back in that you know the
string just doesn't pop all over everywhere and then you got to redo the
whole thing so you know happens to me more than more
than I like to admit but now let's talk about the chainsaw the chainsaw comes
with a nice Milwaukee guard the gauge on this chainsaw blade is it's 0.43 it has
a branch hook for added leverage for when you have the unit up and you can
prop it on a branch and so you can get a good leverage of cutting the other
branch off forty six hundred rpms that this goes to it has a automatic oiler
here this is where you put your chain lube in and it will automatically oil it
for you your tension for your chain is right
here and it's pretty easy access for the quick adjustment for the chain I like
that you get this unit it's pretty easy to clean off so if you get
debris anywhere in here sawdust or anything like that you can pretty much
take this apart and clean the whole unit really fast it looks like you know this
this does the same thing you line up the little arrows with let's put the guard
back on so we don't end up dinging up the counter or cutting my arm off and so
all you do is you shove shove it in you hear the lock
you're the lock you tighten the nut on the side and you are good to go
that's you know you get pretty good reach for this my ceilings are 10 feet
in my shop and I could easily touch the ceiling with this and with the chainsaw
I still have quite a bit of room to go up so you know if you're 6 foot tall you
can probably get a good 12 12 to 14 feet of reach with this boom now if you're on
a ladder you can probably get a lot more now just like everything Milwaukee tells
you on the side with the warning labels where your gloves where your where your
boots and whatnot or your glasses which I kind of like the they say ear
protection but it's it's not gas-powered it's not very loud so you don't really
need ear protection for that the one thing I like about the weed whack or the
weed eater unit is that it isn't loud and so some places where you you want to
get out right bright and early and get your yard work done you're in a
subdivision some ordinances won't let you get out as early as you would like
to because of noise now with this now with this you put you put this on and
it's not loud at all let's let's turn the sound it's it's
going to when I turn this on its gonna cut off the string because some of its
longer than the other so I probably should get glasses but there you go
but now let's go outside and demonstrate this all right now we're outside and
winning got some lunch change some clothes cuz uh put on some work clothes
because I'm gonna be out here demonstrating this so I changed out the
head with the pole saw and I noticed that the pole saw was kind of hard to
get into the connection so what I had to do is I had to I had to put the battery
in without the without anything connected or without any attachment on
and I had to move the trigger finagle the trigger a little bit just so the
inside the pole the star heads on the unit kind of lined up a little bit
better so when I slid this and it clipped in and then I was able to lock
it down tight that you know that was that's just a minor flaw but you know
it's easy to overcome that you know that's all you have to do is just kind
of finagle a little finagling a little bit sorry so let's let's try this out
and cut some branches I have here then you need to be cut down so all right as you can see I cut down a
bunch of branches that were in my way this thing worked out really nice I was
able to get in spots that I wouldn't be able to with a regular chainsaw I didn't
even have to be up high even if it was a brush that was down below that uh you
know it'd just be really hard to get in there with the chainsaw I'd be
scratching myself up and everything like that and that way I could just kind of I
just kind of leaned in and I'd be able to cut those little branches off and
everything like that the pile I'd I'd even didn't even use a 1 bar on the 9.00
battery and I cut down clip down about probably about there's about 20 branches
there that I have in that pile so this is a win for me I've really liked this
uh so yeah well it's uh let's move on to the the weed eater and see how well that
does alright I'm about to weed eat and so I have a lot on my property to weed
eat I got about four acres of pasture that the rain here has been going crazy
so this is a good test for the Milwaukee kwik-lok weed eater so what I'm gonna do
is I'm gonna start weed eating it's only going to use one battery the 19.0 that
came with it and i already trimmed some tree branches down and everything like
that so we're gonna just use that same battery and we're going to see how far
we get so let's get on into it all right the one thing I noticed on
that first pass I had it on low so it still still did it but it took a little
bit more time than I thought it would only went down one one bar on the
battery so let's continue and see how long it goes so I made it all the way around all the
way around the outside fence line where usually with my gas steel weed whacker
or we eat or whatever you want to call it um pretty much the last line of fence
I have to fill up so this thing was awesome I like I could almost go as fast
as I could walk it's cutting it you know down went down further we got a lot of
like it's swampy right there because it's been raining and the water just is
pooling up there and so it was bogging a little bit there but that grass was like
almost two feet high so or well like 16 inches or whatnot
so it had to cut through that and it was what at the same time and and with my
other with my steel I have to use a thicker diameter of line and because it
always ends up breaking this line from Milwaukee seems to work a lot better I
didn't have to tap the bottom of it very much to dispense out the line because it
wouldn't break as much so uh this was a really good thumbs up so if you don't
have one I suggest go out and get one you know father's Day is coming up so
yeah that's a good gift for anybody even it doesn't have to be a father you know
this was this this is pretty lightweight that I would I would you know my my
grandma could probably lift this thing you know for a while she'd probably get
tired after you know about 20 minutes of it but you know if you have a small
property or whatnot that'd be good for someone don't have to deal with gas
that's a bonus not very loud so yeah leave your
comments below any thoughts on it or what not my thoughts is to thumbs up
this is a great product Milwaukee did awesome I love the quick attachments and
everything I probably won't get the header I really don't need the header
but the edger I really want to get but yeah leave your comments below if you
liked this video hit the like button if you're not subscribed subscribe away i'm
philip bridges and i'll talk to you guys later

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