23December 2021

the Milwaukee expander just it's very
well built tool and you get a consistent expansion every time and you're
confident with your joints and it helps you move faster
the Milwaukee expansion tool does provide a consistent expansion on all
the way around inside the pipe the tool itself when it expands and it does auto
rotate it doesn't allow a seam to be built in to the pipe which when it would
constrict back would actually leave solid rigid pipe where it didn't expand
it but where the Milwaukee expansion tool and you pull it out or they'll turn
and it takes away that seam which makes it consistent all the way around inside
and it grabs onto that barbed fitting much nicer it seals much better it's
pretty foolproof can you're just holding a tool in a stationary position and that
spanner does all the work for you you obviously can do more fittings and you
don't have to worry about it not expanding them properly because it's
very consistent so it saves time money you can take and put them on your lip
and just go right to the next job a job to job the job fitting to fitting and
it's just that much faster if you're using in a tabletop position you can
work all day it's a lot easier and your body is less stress while you're not
carrying it around stands up on its own and if you have awkward fittings to
prefab but you could do it all day long after I've used the Milwaukee expansion
tool I do feel very confident because it has been put together with great
craftsmanship when it turns and Auto rotates the expansion is going to be
consistent on every fitting no matter what you do with the Milwaukee expansion
tool with the automated rotate it makes it so much simpler to do and it's what
you're looking for I think it's excellent
I think they exceeded my expectations

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