Minecraft Beginners Guide – Part 1 – Tools, Weapons, Food and Surviving

26October 2021

What's up everybody my name is Capp00 and welcome 
back to the channel and of all the years of doing   YouTube and all the Minecraft videos I've made 
and all the tutorials I've gone through one of the   things I've never done was a Beginner's Guide on 
how to start playing Minecraft because even after   all these updates and different versions to come 
out there's still no good tutorial or guide to   teach you how to play this you just kind of drop 
in and kind of have to figure out which is part of   the fun of course but when you're brand new it's 
very daunting so I thought I would do this series   to kind of help out with some new people because 
there's tons of new people joining all of the time   so there's like a hundred million people playing 
across portable console and PC so I'm hoping   this video will help you guys out and getting 
started for anybody who's new to Minecraft now   I'm doing this video on PC in version 1.10 so if 
you're using on a console version or the portable   edition it may look a bit different but the basic 
concept is the same okay let's get started here   this right here is your life bar when it runs out 
you die this right here is your food bar it slowly   goes down over time on its own but it goes down 
a lot faster when you're sprinting mining digging   building fighting things it slowly depletes now 
when your food bar is completely full your life   bar will slowly regenerate on its own so you want 
to make sure to keep your food intake going to   keep your food bar all the way full and you'll 
see when it starts going down on its own the bar   right below that is your experience bar and as you 
destroy things and build things craft things ever   you're playing the game basically you'll see it 
slowly start filling up with green and eventually   you'll see green numbers right there in the middle 
of it to tell your current number what your level   is and that is basically going to be used for 
enchanting which is a little ways off for people   who are new so don't worry about necessarily the 
bar at the bottom this is your active toolbar   this is where you're going to be putting tools 
and weapons and items and things that you're   currently using but this is where you'll be able 
to access your current list of items and you can   either press 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 to scroll all the 
way through or you can use the scroll wheel to   go through them now if you open up your inventory 
you'll see all of this storage space up in here to   your inventory some people refer to it as your 
backpack you got your basic crafting window up   here little tuba to spot that you will use to 
build some minor things and then when you get   to the point where you can find or build armor 
this is where you'll equip it you got your head   plates leg plates and feet armor and of course 
you can equip a shield and then this is what   your character looks like here one of the most 
important resources you're going to use the most   in the entire game is wood especially when you're 
starting off here and you get wood from trees so   when your very first starting off you're going to 
be doing a lot of this punching some trees and do   some minor level deforestation here but as you 
can see every time you break apart a block you   get one block of wood here so you'll want to get 
as much as you possibly can for the very beginning   and then you'll be going through and getting lots 
and lots of wood later as you're building more and   more tools if you start building your own place to 
live and things of that nature so we'll start off   with just a couple of them here and that should 
do it a quick pro tip here when you're chopping   down trees go ahead and try and take out all of 
the existing wood that's in there try and chop up   as high as you can until there's no more because 
then all of the foliage will slowly start to fade   away on its own instead of just sitting there and 
it'll slowly start dropping some spruce saplings   that you can replant – you know replenish nature 
and all that happy fun stuff so you have your   wood now that you got here when you pick up widows 
come be these basic wood blocks now when they're   in this form the only thing you can really do with 
them is stack them if you're going to use them for   building or use them for source of fuel later on 
in your stove but what you want to do is convert   these into things you can craft with so you take 
the entire stack by left-clicking which real quick   if you're if you pick up a stack of things with 
left click you'll carry the whole thing you can   press right click and it'll slowly put one down 
at a time or if you right-click an entire stack   you'll take half of it so that's just a quick tip 
on how to maneuver things so in a way you don't   take your wood blocks and put them up here in your 
crafting table and put them anywhere you want to   doesn't necessarily matter and each one you have 
here is going to give you four wood planks so   you can click one at a time and slowly move them 
down there or you can hold shift and click it and   it'll turn the entire stack into what you have 
here it's a quick way to do that okay the first   thing you're going to need to do to be able to 
do any kind of advanced level crafting is to make   a crafting table so pick up your stack you're 
going to need four wood planks you go and put   them in a square like you have here and now you 
have your crafting table put it down your active   tool bar and then just find any place you want 
to put it which you'll see it kind of highlights   the ground as you're moving around looking and 
that's the active place that's going to put it   and you just right to place it alright now on to 
some basic level crafting so your right-click to   access the crafting table and you'll see this 
one is a 3 by 3 versus the 2 by 2 when it was   your personal inventory so you have a lot of wood 
planks and you're going to use this for doing a   lot of the basic level crafting but something 
you're also going to need is sticks and you get   that from wood planks so you place one above one 
below anywhere on the table it doesn't necessarily   matter where that's at and you get four sticks 
for each instead of blocks you put up at the top   here so you want to make a couple you know when 
you waste your entire stack there so the 16 is   good to start with and I'll walk you through how 
to make the basic tools here so for beginners to   what you need to do is to make a pickaxe the most 
popular item in the game one you'll use probably   more than anything so you place two sticks down 
here in the middle now these do matter in the   order which you play something two sticks down 
here in the middle and three wood planks up at   the top and you have a wooden pickaxe also you can 
place one at the bottom and then two wooden planks   up above it it'll give you a sword and this will 
be used for doing main attacks defend yourself off   a little bit some other tools that you can make 
at the very beginning that you don't absolutely   have to is you can make a shovel by placing just 
two wood sticks down here in the middle and one   plank at the top and get a shovel if you place one 
more to the side you'll get a hoe which you'll use   later on for farming and you place one more below 
that in this format and you can get a wooden axe   and you use this for chopping down trees but for 
now I'll go ahead and take that but for now don't   make too many wooden tools because wood is very 
weak in the game and it will break down a whole   lot faster what you need to get is to where 
you can make some stone tools and then after   you upgrade stone a little bit more you'll get 
iron tools and then from iron tools you can go   all the way up to diamond tools so what you need 
to start off with is take your wooden pickaxe and   find some cobblestone it looks like this kind 
of sitting around the world here you have this   grainy stuff which is diorite I believe and then 
you have cobblestone and you'll have different   things gravel mixed in the mix there and these 
are all different kinds of stones that you can   pick up but what you need is cobblestone so you 
just hold down the left mouse button and you'll   pick up blocks just like you would any other 
thing and just go ahead and collect a good   Chum of cobblestone another important resource 
you're going to need very early on is coal and   you're going to get it from blocks that look like 
these you'll use your pickaxe whichever one you   currently have or whatever and just go to town on 
each individual block and for each one of them is   going to give you one piece of cold you're going 
to need as many of you can because you'll use   these to make torches torches are what light up 
your world of course especially at nighttime it   helps keeps mobs the bad guys from spawning it 
around you and you'll also use coal for a fuel   source when you're doing a lot of your cooking 
another pro tip don't lose track of where you put   your crafting table you can actually use an axe 
and chop it back down to pick it back up so that   you can carry with you and then set it back down 
a later spot so you don't lose and have to recraft   it again but okay now we've got a whole bunch of 
cobblestone we picked up some anti and anti sight   and diorite either once you need R at the moment 
those are going to be for like decorative blocks   later on but now that you have some cobblestone 
so you can make some more robust tools I would   definitely recommend keeping stone pickaxes with 
you and you're going to want a stone sword with   you both of these will last a whole lot longer 
than wood and these will allow you to be able to   get some of the other items later on because when 
you do find things like iron ore and gold ore and   things of that nature you have to have at least a 
stone axe to get those okay the next thing you're   going to want to be able to make is some torches 
torches are easy you can use the crafting table or   you can use your personal crafting so if you're 
out and about to have your crafting table one   stick and one piece of coal will give you four 
torches like I said torches light up the night   it helps keep mobs from spawning in the next thing 
you're going to want to make when you find a place   where you can settle down for the night and kind 
of just chill for a little bit it's going to be   a furnace and that is so that you can make food 
edible by cooking it here so all you need is a   piece of cobblestone you just place them in the 
shape of a picture frame – one in the middle and   you will get yourself a furnace furnace works 
just like this as far as placing it down just   right-click it where if you want to and when you 
open it up you're going to see these boxes down   here this box right here is the fuel source so you 
can put things like wood down here or you can put   coal down here and it will actually turn on when 
you have something to cook as I've seen earlier   your food bar slows it goes down as you can see 
mine is right now I'm down three almost three and   a half food blocks so I'm going to come up and 
take out a cow just beating it with the sword   you'll see it gave me three pieces of raw beef 
now if you eat this now it's not going to give   you much health and can actually make you sick so 
what you want to do is come over to your furnace   drop a piece of coal in there and put your raw 
beef in there you're going to need probably a   couple of pieces of coal one cold doesn't last for 
very long but you'll see this bar slowly fill up   as each one's cooked and it does take a little 
while to actually cook things but we have it now   you have a piece of steak and to eat all you have 
to do is just activate that one by highlighting it   in your tool bar there and right click and hold 
it down and he will eat it now my food bar is   completely full as you see my experience bar has 
gone up as well so get these to hang on to them   for later and take out my piece of coal again and 
that is how you do basic cooking same thing works   with chicken and fish if you look up at the sky 
you'll see the Sun is slowly moving down as it   goes on here during the daytime you're mostly 
pretty safe against mobs or bad guys or enemies   or whatever you call them those peoples call them 
mobs right now there's no none of them around here   for me to show you fortunately so I'm pretty 
safe but the different kinds of mobs you have   are skeletons zombies creepers and spiders those 
are the main ones you're going to see all the time   in the open world here now zombies and skeletons 
do not like the sunlight so if the Sun is up and   they're out they're going to be hiding underneath 
trees they're going to be hiding in caves because   if the Sun catches them catches even a glimpse 
of them a little bit of them it'll set them on   fire and they will burn to death now creepers 
and spiders are not affected by the Sun they   will roam around day or night and they will just 
go ahead and act like the sun's not even there   now spiders can climb that is one thing to keep 
in mind about spiders so if you build yourself   a small house and you don't put a roof on it and 
there's a spider outside they can't climb up over   the top and beat you and of course if you know 
anything about creepers when they get too close   their fuse ignites they get a little bit excited 
and they explode so I think that's about it for   this very beginners level entry guide to Minecraft 
and hopefully it was very useful to anybody who's   new to the game we're just starting off and just 
once a couple of the tips I will do a part two if   enough people have any of the things they want me 
to kind of show you how to do in the game this is   very elementary for anybody who's been playing it 
but I have said out of the thousands of new people   that are always playing the game and joining 
in then this could be beneficial to them and   get them a little bit more acclimated on how to 
survive so in the meantime hope this was useful   to you guys you know be sure to drop a like on 
the video if you found it useful subscribe so   you don't miss out on any other videos thank you 
so much for your time and I will catch you later you

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