New and Improved Milwaukee M18 2 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac

13November 2021

alright guys i'm phillip bridges and i'm
gonna doing the review on the new new shot back a little two gallon shot back
that milwaukee has out now it's a it's what little wet/dry vac it's just a
revamp version of the older one that they had out with a little bit newer
features that i think are a big improvement of what they had before so
let's uh get on into it right now they they pretty much keep everything stored
on the inside just like before but now that your vacuum hose is not on the
outside it's on the inside so it's a really nice feature because it keeps
everything concealed and it's the hose is just not flopping around anymore so
let's open up this lid and we will see what's inside okay so as we have the lid
opened up that you can see that they changed where the vacuum hose connects
to which is really nice and it it locks in just by giving it a quarter turn and
then it'll pop out and as you can see in there that's that's where it's gonna go
when you're gonna be vacuuming so we'll put this in and we just move the lever
to lock and it's locked up okay then we'll just all we do is just bring the
hose off to the side shut the lid and we're ready to vacuum see now
everything's in the inside you're not going to have anything flopping around
you don't have to cut have anything catching on the side where your hose
used to be it's a really nice setup I like how they changed the on and off
switch I like how that is it still comes with the crevice tool get your little
crevice tool and then they give you a little floor attachment or whatnot
I really wish Milwaukee would give you like a little brush attachment that's
why I love brush brush attachments so I think it's just a really nice option to
have and I kind of wish they would give you want just
maybe one more tool and that's what I would really recommend them doing is
putting a brush attachment in there and right now it's just powering off of this
little just a little 18 volt it can take all the way up to the the 12.0
nose which is really nice but you know put this thing on you just pop it in
there but you know if you're gonna vacuum you a lot of vacuuming you can
use still the 12.0 or even the 9.0 s will do just fine even this will
do just fine just a little one but you know of course if you if you do need to
not suck and you need to blow you just detach it and on the out they put it on
the outside the blower on the outside because I don't think a lot of people
are really gonna be you know using this as a blower but you know if they do they
at least give you the option to do it and you know of course you still have
your so it comes with the Milwaukee filter which is really nice I like this
filter it's easy to clean just twist it off and you just you know smack it on
the ground do whatever you need to do with it just to clean it out use an air
compressor you know just twist locks in and you know it still has its two gallon
tank which is it's kind of like the perfect tank it's not too big not too
small it's just the right amount and if you do have to suck some liquid it will
do it oh alright that's pretty much it of the Milwaukee m 18 to gallon wet/dry
van if you have any questions or comment down below I'll try to answer them to
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it they write when it comes out alright so i'm phillip bridges and thanks for

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