New GMOD TOOLGUN for Rust | Rust update 6th December 2019

19October 2021

[Music] greetings survivors and Friends shadow Frank's hit once again with your weekly rust news and a roundup of the last big patch 2 main of the decade although this update is a tad light on the old vehicles and HDR P front it does try to make up with it by including a fairly tasty round of optimization plus of course an orchestras worth of musical instrument DLC talking of which I have a giveaway for you to enter in this video more of which I will reveal in the Dunas of course wonder what it could be for hmm but first facepunch have been doing this thing lately whereby they give you an in-game item that ties in with one of their other games if you own it ie a special helmet if you've got clatter an arcade machine if you own chippy and now they must be really scraping the barrel because they've introduced something for if you own possibly their most obscure game gmod introducing the Garry's Mod tool gun which if you're one of the very few people who own that game should now be able to craft in rust for a hundred wood and 20 francs in a nutshell it's a glorified hammer doing the exact same thing but with a bit more flair and 100% extra flux capacitor you can upgrade and repair with it and it seems to work at the same speed however it'll tell you what you're looking at on little screen and it does its business from a bit further away and so does it pay to win not really I don't think although you'll probably be able to think of a reason why it isn't tell me in the comments also it's worth mentioning that it has two effects settings either standard or classic gmod and this can be toggled with two gun classic effects true or false in the console the musical instrument DLC is now here of course it's currently 10% off on the store until the 12th of December and gives you the ability to craft 10 musical instruments which cover pretty much all the bases when it comes to playing songs as mentioned previously there's MIDI support and you can either use hardware or software as an input you can bind keys to notes and it's important to add that you only need to own the DLC to craft the not play them so you can single-handedly get out a whole Orchestra if you like sell them to others or just murder a traveling musician for a sousaphone it's up to you however if six pounds forty seven or whatever that is in Romulan wouldn't dollars is too rich for your blood then I'm doing a giveaway to celebrate the release with two keys to the DLC and if you'd like to enter to try and win one then there's a link down below I'll be picking winners this Sunday the 8th of December so go and do that now and keep an eye on your emails around that time oh and some thing you might want to read if words don't scare you too much over on the dev blog Alex who put together the samples for all the instruments gives an insight into the process he went through including crafting his own pan flute out of PVC pipes strapping an actual jerrican to a guitar and launching rice all over a studio other notable features this month are as mentioned previously the ability to see your leggy work is in first person and being able to pick up batteries without them losing their charge what a time to be alive I promised you optimization in this update and there has been a fair bit you can read a lot more about the exact details on this week's dev blog however in brief load times were significantly optimized and although owning an SSD is still highly recommended in tests now medium spec HDDs should go from boot to main in less than half the time they used to and potato hdds could possibly have you ready to go in around a minute instead of four so you'd better get faster at making those cups of tea a world streaming system was implemented to dynamically add and remove game objects as you trundle around and on a 4k map with recent hardware this could save around 400 mega of memory plus a millisecond of frame time and a whopping 10 seconds or more of world load time not only that but larger Maps an older hardware could see even bigger gains more monument meshes were optimized in this patch and round of these were done a few patches ago which ended up shaving off around 700 mega memory and efforts this month have seen an extra 600 being freed up this is about as much as is possible with current software limitations but the team are hoping to clawback even more when HT RP lands these improvements also help out with texture streaming which will now allow for higher quality textures using the same amount of memory and a long-overdue optimization was made to processing hair meshes when dressing players this first round of improvements means they get their choirs done in a fraction of the time and dressing cost is now virtually zero more improvements will be done in upcoming patches there were a lot of small bug fixes and exploits that were squashed in this update and you can read more about those in the patch notes although some you'll notice more readily are but horses will now travel easier over terrain without getting their hooves stuck on so many rocks and around rad towns there's still a chance that they will display their athletic prowess by jumping on top of a building or similar but this will be addressed soon third-person weapon animations had a long-standing bug which stopped them from playing properly sometimes but this should now be fixed there were a bunch of chat improvements including being able to copy a selected message for safekeeping or reporting to the thought police plus there's now a mute global option which will hide global chat but keep team chat and server messages visible handy gary made some changes to play a scale differences to make things a bit fairer useful if you had a particularly big head i guess also i need to tell you that you can no longer order servers by white date due to abuse by server owners this is why we can't have nice things you can still see the white date against a server in the list of course but that's it there were a few new admin commands most of which i've already told you about in previous vids i think such as kill player and admin time but there's also now global dot sleeping users which will print out a list of all sleepers and global dot sleeping users in range which does the same but in a given range and sorted by distance finally in works-in-progress you should know by now rust is coming to console next year unless you've been living under a workbench for the last month or so check out my videos on that if you need to though and a couple of interesting things from the commits andre is working on a branch called ring-road and what this means is only guesswork right now although there's something here about two lanes let me know your guesses in the and lastly not even rust is safe from the damn things looks like we'll be getting emoji enchant possibly remember enter that giveaway below if you'd like to maybe win some instruments do the thing with the knight and subscribe buttons and the notification bell which them tube intentionally broke some time ago please support my work here on patreon like these and mixing chaps on the right to join me on Twitch where I stream three times a week and stay up to date with me on Twitter Facebook discord on my steam group links below but in the meantime keep calm and stay rusty Curia

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