NEW M18 Backpack Vacuum Milwaukee (M18FBPV-0)

7November 2021

check this out this is the brand-new m18
fuel three and one backpacker vac from Milwaukee powered by brushless motor
this m18 vacuum cleaner will turn over 93 cubic meters of air per hour with 18
kPa of sealed suction this vacuum can be operated in three ways you can either
wear it carry it or you can easily remove the backing plate revealing a
hook so you can hang it on a ladder a cage or on your shop wall this vacuum
has dual speed which can be changed at the flick of a switch it's also worth
noting that this vacuum has a HEPA filter which catches the really fine
dust tanks got capacity for 3.7 liters of dust and waste to empty it you slide
out the tank dump your waste slide it back in and you are ready to work in terms of
noise the vacuum maxes out at 76 DB which is not loud at all here's a
powerful versatile vacuum cleaner that can clean up your shop or site or double
as a portable dust extractor for your individual tools you got any questions
all about the m18 fuel back pack vac from Milwaukee hit me up in that
comment section below and until next time I'm Tim you're watching Sydney
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