NEW Milwaukee M18 FUEL Barrel Grip Jigsaw (M18FBJS-0)

14November 2021

this is Milwaukee's brand-new m18 fuel
barrel grip jigsaw this jigsaw is powered by a brushless motor has
variable speed on the handle so you wind that blade 800 up to 3500 strokes per
minute included with that variable dial is an automatic mode which manages the
speed for you and prolongs your battery life as a power switch on both sides of
saw for both left and right-handed tradies the power it on you press and
hold that button and to turn it off you just press it without having to hold
down the trigger you can hold the tool how it's most comfortable and focus on
your cutting this is really useful when using the tool inverted like when you're
cutting your laminated or finished material bed can bevel both ways 0 15 30
and 45 degrees got an onboard blower to keep the dust and waste material out of
your cutting line dust extraction attachment is included and when you're
using it with the shop back it's best to switch the blower off its new bow grip
jigsaw balanced as well the powder cut with the control to get a finish you can
be proud of if you've got any questions at all about this new jigsaw hit me up
in that comment section below and until next time I'm Tim and you're watching
Sydney Tools TV

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