NEW Milwaukee M18 Fuel Extended Anvil Impact Wrench (M18ONEFHIWF12E-0)

23December 2021

check this out this is the brand-new m18
fuel 1/2 inch extended anvil impact wrench from Milwaukee this wrench
delivers control torque so if you're working on wheels
you no longer need hoses compressors or torque extension bars you've got four
speed controls that you in cycle through the first three I have auto shut offs
when you reach the desired torque you require and you can customize those
settings using the one key app on your phone the four-speed is full power 1016
Newton meters of fasting torque and in Reverse that brushless power state motor
will generate 1491 Newton meters of nut busting torque
it's suited for professional use from auto diesel mechanics through to fastening
concrete anchors and assembly work increased reach without compromising on
power it's a very nice addition to the ever-expanding impact wrench range from
Milwaukee if you'd like to know more is half inch extended anvil impact ranch
head over right now or drop into your local
Sydney Tools store until next time I'm Tim thanks for watching Sydney Tools TV

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