Parkside vs Milwaukee akumulátorové vŕtačky Brushless HOBBY vs PROFI

10November 2021

Hi. Welcome to the FOR WORK AND FUN channel. In today's video, we take a look at the duel between two HOBBY vs. cordless drills. PROFI with a force of 60 Nm and a modern BRUSHLESS motor for both models. Let's go. My videos contain captions. Choose your language and watch. Well thank you. If you are looking for a compact cordless drill with a force of 60Nm, I have two tips from the HOBBY and PROFI categories for you. Parkside PERFORMANCE PABSP 20 Li-C2 with a maximum force of 60Nm, 2000 rpm / min, two speeds Such equipment 1x2Ah battery 1x4Ah battery charger, drill in the case is for the price of 100-120 euros.

Milwaukee M18 CBLDD is a US version 2801 of 1x2Ah battery 1x4Ah battery, drill charger in a case. It is priced from 280 euros up to 400 euros depending on equipment. 0-1800 rpm / min 2 speeds and 60Nm Brushless motor. Charger Parkside 120W 4,5A / 2Ah charges in 30 min 4Ah charges in 60 min. Milwaukee 90W 3A small 2Ah charges in 40 minutes, 4Ah charges in 80 minutes. As for charging. Parkside comes with a fast charger and therefore charges faster .. Milwaukee also has a fast charger for an extra charge . Parkside 1162 g Milkwaukee 1118 g Parkside with 2Ah battery 1590 g Milwaukee with 2Ah battery 1553 g Parkside with 4 Ah battery 1851 g Milwaukee with 4Ah battery 1837 g You could see the weight was very tight and the difference is only negligible but of course in favor of Milwaukee.

If you are interested in the accuracy of the chuck. So Mrs. I have small screws ready here and I'm going to test the minimum force on the clutch. I'm starting a Parkside minimum clutch force of 500 rpm I continue from the Milwaukee minimum clutch force. I have it set to 1 power level. Let's go. According to the screws, you can see that the screw head on 1 screw is less turned in PARKSIDE and in Milwaukee it is already deep.

The force graduation at Parkside is the middle screw at the same time and the 3 screw is already above the material. At Milwaukee, the first two screws are already under the material and up to 3 screws are at the same time the material. From this I can evaluate that Parkside has the clutch more sensitive and better at the minimum setting. Now I'm testing the maximum power on the clutch 1 speed 500 rpm / min The clutch in Milwaukee will not retract anymore. at Parkside, the clutch did not engage until the turn was complete. I'll start drilling 20,28,35,16x200mm I'm trying 1 and 2 gears , you watch it side by side and find out which is faster or stronger I have here Performance from BRUSHLESS engine version C2 battery is fully charged for the test.

I'm testing the efficiency on a single 2Ah battery charge. I will screw 6×120 mm screws. For maximum endurance I will screw at MODE drilling 500 rpm. I have the first stop here. You can see that the battery has the last LEVEL of charge. I'm trying to screw something else. It stopped again. Battery completely discharged. It's not working anymore. I'm going to measure temperatures.

I think it's an indestructible machine at these operating temperatures. It's TOP. I'm still wasting the battery but I don't feel any warming up. I'm trying to charge the battery. Charging. Milwaukee CBLDD otherwise US version 2801 There is a small 2Ah battery. It is fully charged for the test. I'm going to test the efficiency on one battery charge. I will screw 6 x 120 mm screws at 1 speed 500 rpm. It's the first stop at Milwaukee. The battery is already flashing. I'm still trying to screw something up. It won't turn on anymore. The battery is exhausted. Milwaukee battery discharged and last screw unfinished. I'm wasting temperatures. They are the same as at Parkside.

35 ° C The battery temperature is also OK. The battery charger starts charging immediately. It was tight. You could see Brushless PROFI vs. Brushless HOBBY The test was carried out at a temperature of 3-4 ° C Weight and dimensions are in favor MWK power and rate-it was in favor of MWK although only just but it was. Milwaukee did it. In my opinion, the Parkside could not be ashamed at all, even in comparison to the efficiency of a single 2 Ah battery charge.

Parkside screwed 87 pieces of 6x120mm screws on 2Ah. For Miilwaukee, it was a little more. It was 104 pieces of screws 6x 120mm on a 2Ah battery. That's 17 pieces more in favor of Milwaukee. On the other hand, the clutch at Parkside is more sensitive and has a higher range of force. As for ergonomics. Parkside fits better in my hand. At Milwaukee when unscrewing the screws. The right and left buttons in reverse reverse press uncomfortably on the finger. It's just a minus. This button is improperly positioned and has a sharp shape. It bothered me. He pushes it on his finger and it's annoying.

The parkside fits very well in the hand and the button is placed perfectly and does not have sharp shapes. As for construction. At Parkside, I felt a slight bend in the structure when tightening the large screws. On the contrary, at Milwaukee, I felt that the structure was strong, strong and held its shape. Now I screwed at 3-4 ° C In the summer where I tested the B2 version compared to a green drill. The video is at the top of the card. In the summer, I screw up to 110 pieces of 6x120mm screws from the B2 version. The difference between winter and summer on battery life is definitely here . I do not blame you for the decision that is the winner, write it to me in the comment. I hope you liked the video. For those who would like to support my channel below in the description there is a link to PAY PAL DONATE. It would be good if you supported my channel. Because I plan to do this in the direction of your support. I invest all the money I collect at DONATE in the tools I put into the competition on my channel.

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