Parkside vs Milwaukee Porovnanie Tvrdý TEST. HOBBY vs PROFI 4 pólový motor vs Brushless motor.

7December 2021

So hello. Welcome to the FOR WORK AND FUN channel. So, in today's video, we take a look at the comparator. Brushlles PROFI. vs. 4 pole HOBBY machine. The price of Parkside 35-50 euros vs. Milwaukee 300 euros So. Let's go. We'll test it. So if you're looking for some small compact cordless screwdrivers. I have 2 tips for you. From different categories HOBBY vs. PROFI. I have a small compact from PARKSIDE. With 1x 2Ah battery and 1x 4Ah battery Of course with charger and case. Price 50-55 euros. If I don't limit your money. I have a TOP model from MIlwauke M12 FDD 402x Its price in this package HD BOX + 2x 4Ah batteries and charger 250-300 euros. So you can see the workmanship and ergonomics of both drills. The Milwaukee is perfectly shaped and fits perfectly in the hand. Well, of course you can't say that about PARKSIDE. The biggest difference is the technological use of the engine. Because Milwaikee uses a modern POWERSTATE BRUSHLLES MOTOR from Milwaukee and this PARKSIDE uses a classically simple 4-pole carbon motor. On 2 transmissions PARKSIDE 1300 rpm / min. Milwaukee 1700 rpm. Chuck for MILWAUKEE up to 13 mm and PARKSIDE 10 mm.

And both chucks are metal. Force difference. PARKSIDE here has paper 28 Nm. and MILWAUKEE when using a 4Ah battery is 44Nm. If we use a small 2Ah battery it is 37Nm at Milwaukee. The PARKSIDE 50 W 2.4A charger can charge a small 2Ah battery in 60 minutes. It charges a large 4Ah battery in 120 minutes. Mabijacka MILWAUKEE has 55W and 3A Charges a small 2Ah battery in 40 minutes. and charges this larger 4Ah battery in 80 minutes. PARKSIDE without chuck 680g. If I connect a chuck that can be removed. It's 835g. If I use a small 2Ah battery, it's 1020g. If I use a larger 4Ah battery it is 1233g. For the MILWAUKEE model, the chuck cannot be disengaged. The basic weight is 1058g. If a 2 Ah battery is used it is 1239g. If a larger 4Ah battery is used it is 1477g. We could see here. The PARKSIDE has a really very low weight and especially if the clamp is removed and a small battery is used, there is a beautiful 867g. Let's try drilling holes. I have a classic wood drill Ø 10 mm then a drill Ø 14 and Ø 20 mm classic milling cutters Ø 30 – Ø 35 mm.

In the next test we will look at the different technologies in the clutch Milwaukee uses an electronic clutch. And Parkside uses an old mechanical clutch. I will start by setting 1 transmission to the lowest force on the clutch. UPS … The clutch has not yet experienced a force overload. Still 1 gear minimum clutch force. It gently passes through the material. Again, there is minimal force and the screw heads are pushed through the material. So I'm going to continue PARKSIDE 1 transmission minimum force on the clutch I have the same screws here. Here you could hear the beautiful shutdown of the clutch. The clutch shifts. I will increase the power setting 4-5. I still can't control setting 7-8 again In my opinion, the electronic clutch at MILWAUKEE. It doesn't have the minimum force fine-tuned as fine as I expected. The mechanical clutch is definitely better. I have ready screws Ø 6 x 100-300 mm I have ready screws Ø 8 x 100-300 mm I have ready screws Ø 10 x 150-300 mm These screwdrivers are no longer built on these screws I have a fully charged battery for TEST.

I'm going to test the efficiency for 1 charge of a small 2Ah battery. I will use 6x120mm screws. These are screws with a drilling head. I will test with the set speed 1 and drilling mode. If you like my work. Support my channel SUBSCRIBE, give LIKE or you can support me PAYPAL DONATE PAYPAL DONATE can be found below in the description. It's just stopped and she seems dead. It's a little warm but I think it's a long time to use. CCA 45 I can still measure the battery as follows. Nooo here I have a battery 55 ° C Almost 60 ° C I will try to use it. Well, it's dead. The battery that overheated during this load can be used to deactivate. But I think that's normal, because the battery is protected from damage. I let the battery cool down for about 10-15 minutes and you can see it at 22 ° C. The battery you can see works. It shuts down because the battery has overheated. I still have the last one article of energy dealing here.

This is the end of the battery is discharged. I have a fully charged MILWAUKEE M12 FDD ready here. I'm going to tighten the screws 6x120mm. I will test the efficiency for 1 charge of a small 2Ah battery. Drilling speed 1 MOD. If you haven't pressed the red REMOVE button yet. Squeeze him now. THANK YOU So far I have a pair of screws behind me and the battery charge indicator shows only 2 cells of energy. Let's screw on. You also financially support my channel for further creation. Below in the description you will find a link to PAYPAL DONATE Here is the first stop.

And I'll try to turn the screw. Looks like he's still going. I'll try to see how much he really catches up to. It stopped me again. It won't turn on anymore. It's completely discharged. I will measure the temperature of the device. I'm also wasting the battery. It's almost 60 ° C. Let's evaluate it and add it up. How many screws each of them was able to tighten. This PARKSIDE with a 4-pole motor screwed in 7 14 21 28 35 42 I will count it 45 because 46 has not been tightened.

7 14 21 28 35 42 49 56 It's 56 screws. So it's about 11 screws tightened MILWAUKEE BRUSHLLES more. And also if I compare the work time 45 vs. 56. It was faster from that Milwaukee. I think in today's video you could watch a pretty interesting duel of two small compact acronyms. Hobby vs Profi. / 4 pole motor vs. Brushlles engine. Of course, it turned out clearly in terms of power, speed and thus also the battery life in favor of the MILWAUKEE M12 FDD. Because it uses a modern powerful Brushlles engine with a power of 44Nm . Because it is several times cheaper and has good performance. I do not blame you for this decision when buying. And in this way I want to ask you for the support of the Slovak YOUTUBE creator BOROTECH Below in the description you will find a link to his channel. The name of the BOROTECH channel. Makes reviews and comparators. Let's help him collect 1000 SUB. Give him a LIKE or TICKET. If you would like to support my channel financially. Below in the description is a link to PAY PAL DONATE From me, that's all for today.

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