ROCKROOSTER Wedge Sole Work Boot AP611 – Chasing The Best Work Footwear

25December 2021

What's up everyone? Welcome back to The Durbin Compound! If you haven't met me already, my name is Devin Durbin. So today on 
the channel we're doing another episode of   "Chasing the Best Work Footwear." So I 
have been sent a pair of boots from   ROCKROOSTER footwear. I am going to unbox them and check them out for the first time.   You're going to watch on camera.

go inside and check these things out. All right guys, let's get down to 
the real reason why we're here.   Let's get these boots opened up here and take a look. Now like I did say before, I did get   gifted these boots from ROCKROOSTER–which a 
great shout out to them. They wanted to send me   a pair of boots. And I guess I'm a big enough time to do that. But I said I would give them   100%, you know, my honest opinion and give you guys a fair review of exactly how I felt. So good, bad, indifferent here we go. All right, so first thing I always look for 
in a boot is the style. Do I like the style?   If you know me already, you know I 
love the style of this kind of boot.   So if you don't know anything about ROCKROOSTER, they're a company out of Australia.   They have a warehouse here in New Jersey and so these boots came to me very quickly.   The leather on them is pretty darn supple. Let me get these things…I'm getting   excited already.

So, I hope you can see these boots okay in the light here. Maybe I'll   aim this light up a little bit better here. The leather looks great. The stitching looks awesome. Yeah, these are pretty darn good. Looks like a cork sole underneath here. I know a lot of 
boots are PVC. These look to be cork, so a great boot, great construction. So far, they look good. I like the boot laces. Boot laces are pretty darn up to par with most other brands like Timberland and stuff like that. They have a nice boot lace.   If I can get this darn tag off here. Let's get this tag out of the way here.   What's the tag say on it? COOLMAX reacted defense, the right amount of comfort and   performance when you need it the most. All right, so I'm excited to get these things on my feet and see   what they're like. I think this is considered in a 6" boot here. I had it pulled up. Pretty darn impressive so far. So, this actual pair of boots…I'll roll in a clip of it on   the internet right now…this goes for $118 or this set of boots, $118 yeah.   They are pretty darn reasonable when 
it comes to price for what you're getting.   They are right on the money with the 

I mean, you couldn't ask for a better price.   You know, Timberland–you're looking at $200 or $180 for a boot kind of like this, a wedge sole. And especially if you wanted to go 
with Thorogood, you're looking at   well over $200. I think my Thorogoods were $240 for a boot like this. So, you know, this is   very, very reasonably priced. So, I'm going to continue getting these taken apart here.   And then we're going to put these bad boys on my feet. I love the style of these boots from first   look here, I'm pretty darn impressed for what they are…that everything looks awesome on them.   I'm really excited to try them out. They definitely have a sole that I haven't seen on any other boot,   you know, oil and slip-resistant and abrasion-resistant.

So I'm really curious to see how this is going to work out. It seems to be a hard sole that's going to hold up for a while,   but I guess we're going to find out. So, what I plan on doing with these boots is, obviously,   we're going to roll out the first reaction 
on what I think about them and just my overall   thoughts on unboxing them, which is pretty darn good. I really like the leather. They're already   really supple and soft and that's 
something that you don't get from a lot of   places like Thorogood or Timberland. 
Keen is the only other boot that kind of,   you know, has a supple kind of leather.

I don't know exactly what leather they use on this upper,   but it seems really, really soft. And it seems like it's definitely not going to be harsh   at all on you. Now these are non-insulated or non-lined so, you know, the raw leathers on the back, and it seems really, really soft. I like this edge around the top.

These are pretty darn sweet.   Let's check out the insoles in these bad boys. So, whoa! From what I can tell it's pretty darn thick.   So some really nice insoles here. Some really thick on the bottom or really thick in the heel here. It's a pretty darn good looking 
insole for, you know, just the regular boot.   Looks like a pretty good construction. So I like it. I'm going to give them a thumbs up for sure   on the initial unboxing. I haven't put them on my feet yet.

We're going to do that here in a minute.   I plan on doing a million steps in these boots, before I report back to you. So you'll see another   video in the future. It's probably going to be in 50 to 60 days. As soon as I put a million steps in them I will definitely shoot you guys 
another video and tell you what I think about them. We'll look at the wear of the sole 
and see how they're doing. Let's go ahead and take these outside. We're going to put them on my feet.

I'm going to see how they feel.   {music playing} So initially, comfort-wise I'd say they're 
pretty darn good. They feel exactly like   some Thorogood Moc Toes. And 
the wedge soles seem to be great. The comfort level is probably just as 
good as Thorogoods. I can't complain.   They're really, really nice to walk in. And the unlined leather feels really, really good on your ankles and stuff. They seem pretty darn good. 
You know, it seems like, oh, I'm all of a sudden a hype boy because I got a free pair of 
boots. But man, these things are pretty darn good. I mean I don't have anything bad to say about them. I think they're pretty awesome.

I can't wait to get some miles in them and see exactly what the future holds for these bad boys.   I'm going to put these things to the test. All right, just so you guys can see exactly how much these boots weigh, I figured we'd put them up against some other wedge soles.   So, these are Thorogood Moc Toes and they weigh 2 lbs.

1 oz. These are Timberland PRO Gridworks wedge soles. They weigh 2 lbs. 3 1/2 oz. And our ROCKROOSTER wedge soles come in at 2 lbs. 2 oz. So, right in the middle between   the Thorogoods and the Timberlands. So back to our regularly scheduled program. All right guys, well there you have it. My first thoughts on these ROCKROOSTER footwear boots. If you want to know which   ones these are, these are the Men's Wedge style Work Boots. I don't know the exact number on these. I'll push a link out, of these exact 
boots, in the description below on their website,   so you can look at them yourself. But they have a leather welt, true leather welt, not PVC.   Let's see here, what else? They have a cork wood midsole. So sweet! I was right! It was a cork wood midsole. Pretty darn good boots. I'll put a link 
in the description below. You guys can check them out. I'm pretty excited about them. I hope that you guys found this video informational.   And you stay tuned for the million step update with these bad boys because   I'm pretty impressed with them so far, initially. So, I hope you guys enjoyed the video.

   Give me a thumbs up. Or thumbs down. Whatever you're into. And I guess we'll see you guys in the next video..

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