Stuff We Love: Milwaukee M18 Hackzall Cordless Recip Saw

21November 2021

ANDREW: Today on Stuff We Love we're talking
about a cordless hacksaw from Milwaukee. Josh, why do we like this… JOSH: "Hackzall," Andrew.
ANDREW: "Hack-zall" JOSH: Not "hacksaw" JOSH: You got 'er. There's a lot of things that I
like about this, you know I'm a huge Milwaukee fan if you've been watching
the shows, but this tool I've been waiting for because it literally acts as
a corded sawzall with a battery. With the short stubbiness of it you can
ANDREW: It's tiny! JOSH: Yeah, 16 inches on center feel how lightweight it is. I mean that's a
five volt battery on there. One-handed operation, and I… for me one-handed
operation I like to do light plumbing and electrical at my house and when I do
that, I'm cutting a pipe you know it's hard to do with the sawzall when you're
two handing would and use ANDREW: Right, you just hold it
JOSH: something like that, yeah, PVC ABS, JOSH: so you could cut metal
ANDREW: Very cool with this thing if you wanted to.

branches. I'm sure you got a lot of trees on your property
ANDREW: That's actually what I use my my recip saw most for is just taking out a few
low hanging branches JOSH: No, it totally works out, you can cut really deep
with that. 3000rpm. 7/8" stroke on it. And what I like about the
short stroke is when you're actually plunging into something…
ANDREW: yeah you can be accurate JOSH: Yeah, more accurate, and then you're not jabbing that other piece ANDREW: Right, right
JOSH: you know, and that's not good on the tool to do that so with the shorter stroke that's
why I like that on there so and also it's got the variable speed trigger on
it, so they had a different version of this but this one is more heavy-duty
it's got the nice grip on top and it's got four times less vibration so, and it
cuts 50% faster and all of its competitors out there.

ANDREW: Alright, uh, so what
does it cost? JOSH: $149, bare tool.
ANDREW: Okay, bare tool. And you can go on there's a bunch of people selling the tool, so this is to add to
your collection, ANDREW: Right, your massive Milwaukee colleciton. JOSH: Yeah, so, I don't need any batteries
ANDREW: Very cool. Let's give it a try Throw on ear protection here.
JOSH: Uh, safety glasses. ANDREW: don't worry I'm always safe. ANDREW: Ready?
JOSH: Yep. ANDREW: Very cool. I like the uh, I LIKE THE
JOSH: Yeah, yeah ANDREW: I like the adjustable shoe JOSH: yeah it tilts back and forth, it doesn't tip. It's not depth-wise but you're right it's adjustable from
forward to back, yeah. It's a nice collection to add so it seems like
do you know if they're old one wasn't brushless is that part of the weight
reduction here no I don't know that honestly if that one was I was paying
attention to mostly this one here but something I do love about Milwaukee tool
and the they're there material on their products I mean this is something that
can take a fall from ten feet and you don't have to come down the ladder and
say oh my gosh is it is it gonna work because it's you know it's gonna I mean
it's just yeah this is it's durable there's also an interesting shape you
know I'm used to the old no-handed but yeah yeah no I know it's very cool weird
to get used to but you actually fall in love with the land awesome
well we've got the Milwaukee hacksaw 149 bucks bare to Lonnie for your Milwaukee
collection stay tuned for more stuff we love

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