2January 2022

because you´re a nice guy I'm gonna give you a pair of insoles let me just tell you that it's not every
day that a Scotsman gives lemming away let me tell you so take it olá youtube
my name is Ricardo lino and I'm a wheel addict second day of ISPO 2018 I'm in
Munich and I'm inside the super feet booth and I'm with Andrew nice to meet
ya Thank You Andrew Andrew was a hockey
player for 20 years and for those of you who don't know super feat is probably
the best insole brand in the whole market so Andy is going to explain this
why is it that good so I'm gonna let you talk you're gonna do the talking
very good so why do we need an insole in an ice hockey skate I'm very often asked
that but the reason is that for virtually all Footwear you can benefit
from having an insole inside the shoe so the questions why well
feet are very complex it is your foundation and basically feet have lots
of shape it's a fully three-dimensional object a lot of people just look at the
arch for support that super feet we look at the whole foot but we start in the
rear foot so the heel is the largest bone in the foot it's where all the
pressure goes through it's designed to move and this happens when you skate
especially it's called pronation and supination so every time you push off
one foots pronating and the other foot is supinating so when we put a shape
under the foot we help that foot to function better so what does that mean
it means it's in terms of ice hockey is that you will have a much stronger foot
to push off and this equates to more power and more speed also because an ice
hockey skate has an angle which starts higher at the heel and comes down to the
forefoot it means that that foot wants to slide on that
surface and once again if we put a good shape starting at the heel there we will
give the food more stability and more stability means that you use less energy
and that means you have more time to skate more power to skate and when you
as an example we take a slap shot obviously you go forward on one foot and
this means that more weight is going through that foot and more weight
usually means less stability so if we put some shape under the foot we
guarantee you'll have a harder slap shot one of the last things that I would say
coming from a Sookie I've lost a few teeth a couple of little nose pops as
well is that if you have good stability under your feet you can punch someone
harder as well okay the product so this is our latest
product it's the carbon pro hockey a little bit history about super feet is
that we produce the far stencils for Bauer I'm sure you all know who Bauer
are back in the 80s and we produce this shape for Bauer a long time ago and
we've been developing ever since in Canada we are by far the number one ice
hockey insole in the market and as I say this is our newest insole you can see
11% written there what this means is that when we tested this insole with
professional ice hockey players from blue line to blue line they had an
increase in speed by almost 11% why is that
well the our original insult from all those years
ago is called the yellow and you can see the way this insults it's it looks lower
than the heel then it isn't a forefoot but because ice hockey skates have a
ramp angle a higher heel section this is how this insole is designed to set and
that piece of footwork all those years ago we use a high density form we have a
plastic base now imagine when you skate or walk or run you put power through the
insole and this insole has worked great for years but you can see it's fairly
flexible what this means is that when you go to push off especially if you're
you know 150 kilo ice hockey player you can lose some energy in that insole
which means a loss of power with the new carbon combination in this insole if I
twist this one you can see is much much more stable and therefore that power and
energy is transmitted into the foot up the body and basically this is how you
can increase your speed so based on what I've just said insoles and all types of
footwear helps think of your foundation it needs to have a good solid foundation
in order to give you a good stance and good power but it also has to have a
good shape feet have a three-dimensional shape your ice hockey skates only have a
two-dimensional flat shape and if you put an insole and nose I guarantee that
you will skate faster you'll have more power and you'll probably have more
energy to keep skating longer there's no other type of sport that I can think of
that you couldn't benefit from having some shape under the foot think about
this very quickly if if I have a glass I'm having a beer the surface is flat
and up here on the bar the surfaces are the same so that beer glass is stable if
I took that beer glass and put it on its side it would be unstable on that
surface so I believe that all feet and all activities including all those
skating activities will benefit from all the things I just said more power more
comfort less chance of aches and pains like blisters and such like if you put
that shape under your foot so I believe it will help all aspects of skating so
thank you so much Andrew it was awesome to have a little lesson a little inso
lesson I hope you guys learned something with Andrew and now that you know what
to do with insoles you know what to get to know so now I want to I want to try
something I really want to try someone just tell you that it's not every day
that Scotsman gives something away let me tell you so take it yes no that's
cool that's good I'll make a little review after what you said I'll make
another view about it and all of you guys out there watching these then you
first listen from them the insole master and now you're gonna listen for some
from someone who never try the insoles you gotta listen to like my first
experience with these insoles thank you so much hope you guys enjoyed
this video if this is the first one that you ever watched well you know what to
do subscribe to the channel for more and like I always say just don't forget why
we all started skating you know why because it's fun cheers guys you soon

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