TOOL REVIEW – Milwaukee M12 FUEL Right Angle Die Grinder -“Must Have Tool”! – Video

16November 2021

hey guys welcome back to my small engine repair 
channel today i've got a cool tool to show you   guys that i just bought it's the milwaukee fuel 
m12 brushless angle die grinder and this is one   of the best tools i bought so far this year 
i have bought a few more tools that i want   to show you guys in the year but i would 
say this is a must-have tool if you do any   kind of repairs especially on small engines so 
here it is up close it was just a bare tool i   got because i do have a lot of m12 batteries and 
here's the product number it's the quarter inch   right angle die grinder number 2485-20 and 
again it's the pro version fuel m12 and the   batteries do last a bit longer on the brushless 
cordless tools guys because there are no brushes   so here's what i paid for it with tax 259.89 
subtotal was 229.99 by the way we pay 13   taxes here in canada on products but this tool 
guys is worth every penny so basically when you   buy this tool it comes in a small box like this 
with no battery you will get the two wrenches here   to remove and reinstall bits or whatever you're 
using on it and you'll get some paperwork with   it that's all that comes with it and what i'll 
recommend for this tool is that you use the bigger   m12 batteries like this one there's the 
4.0 5.0 and the 6.0 it's not too bad with   consuming your battery power but if you do a big 
job you'll be happy that you do have a big battery   now everything you put into this stool will be 
quarter inch so if you have a tool like this   which is a roll lock tool from 3m it will go in 
there and that's what i use the most on this tool   and this small die grinder is powerful enough to 
use these small deburring or burring bits here   now if you look at the tool closely you can see 
it's good quality it actually feels really good   in your hand it feels like it is good quality 
it's not that heavy now the weight will mostly   depend on the battery you put on i use the big 
battery so it's a little heavier but not bad   now one neat feature i really like about this tool 
is that you can change the speed of the rpms of it   it came with this little sticker showing 
what number corresponds to which rpm speed   so on one it's 10 000 rpm you can hear it 
doesn't spin too fast it's a little less powerful   at number one setting if you go to number two at 
15 000 rpms it'll spin a lot faster and it's a   little more powerful it takes more force to 
actually get it to stop turning when you're   grinding stuff or whatever you're doing now at 
number three at 20 000 rpms it basically won't   stop on anything you're grinding or polishing 
and if you go to number four it's super fast and before that sticker comes off 
here i want to show you what each   number corresponds to in rpms one is 
ten thousand two is fifteen thousand   three is twenty five and four is twenty four 
thousand five hundred rpms and most of the   time i'll use number two or number three because 
it doesn't really bog down at those numbers and   like i said basically what i use all the time is 
the roll lock adapter here so i'll just put it in and basically with the wrenches that came 
with it you just lock this part of the shaft   and then you tighten up this nut here and you 
don't need to go crazy with tightening up this nut   you just want it fairly tight 
but you don't need to overdo it   and i highly recommend guys to get this tool 
actually and get the roloc adapter because you   can put these small flat discs and i'll just show 
you in the next clip here what i use it for mostly   here's an example where i'll be using this tool 
i've got a honda shoot here from a snowblower   often the metal will break where it's bolted 
on the body so what you need to do here before   you weld that is to just clean it up and with 
the small flap disc on the grinder it's easy to   clean that up and i'll show you that right 
now and i'll set it at number three at 20   000 rpms make sure you're wearing your safety 
glasses and you'll see how awesome this tool is and as you see it's prepped on both sides if 
you don't remove the paint what happens when   you try to mig weld that it pops a lot you don't 
get good penetration as well and i can just put   the piece back on well that it's going to 
go easier because it's not full of paint   now good use for the flap discs on this 
tool guys is to take off some of the burrs   on chainsaw bars at the bottom here and make 
absolutely sure you're wearing safety glasses and i did this on the number two setting and see 
how a good job it does it's nice and smooth again and as you just saw in the clip guys it makes for 
quick work especially on detailed work like i just   showed you on that shoot it saves a whole lot of 
time it does a super good job with the small flat   disc and it's very simple to replace these you 
just untwist it and then screw in your other pad   so you can kind of use whatever pad fits on 
here just make sure you use the same size of pad   as your roll lock adapter here now when you 
use this tool there is some kind of safety   lever on the trigger so you have to kind of 
push this up and then at the same time push   down and you do have a small light here 
that comes on like most milwaukee tools   and then it shuts off in a few seconds another 
neat feature is the small set of lights here   they light up when you're using the tool 
to let you know the level of your battery so at this point my battery is fully 
charged that's why all the lights came   on and here's a close-up look of it now i will remove the sticker here because it 
will come off eventually and again i must say   that it does feel of good quality in your hands 
and these come with a five year warranty i believe   so to me that's an extremely good warranty and 
here's the warranty information here yes it is   five years like i just mentioned so to me was kind 
of a no-brainer to go from this which was my old   air die grinder to the cordless because now i 
don't have some air hoses in the way to trip   in if i need to go outside the shop i can take 
all my cordless tools with me including this and   i don't need any power cords and air hoses so if 
any of you guys do any kind of mobile repair work   the cordless milwaukee tools are just awesome and 
most of you guys have probably seen all my other   tool reviews on my cordless milwaukee tools and 
you know what guys since i bought those tools i   barely use my quarter tools or my pneumatic 
tools and by the way this small milwaukee   cordless die grinder is more powerful than my 
air dye grinder here this is an ingersoll 3101g   air die grinder so if you want to compare it to 
this the milwaukee is much more powerful i never   use this one here anymore now i have to say that 
i could not find this at home depot or the regular   stores that i shop at that i buy my milwaukee 
tools i actually had to go on amazon and buy   it from a third-party seller and i'll just show 
you a quick use for this buffing pad i recently   brought my bike back from the shop got caught 
in the rain and now you can see a bit of rust   on the disc brakes or the discs here it's easy to 
remove the rust with these just take a look here and i can't say it enough guys these 3m pads 
are a must-have in any small engine shop   i get a lot of questions on youtube people 
ask me what tools should i get for my shop   if you're watching this video today and you can 
afford it get this tool you won't regret it and   buy the roloc adapter and these pads and also 
the small flat discs because you will use these   almost on a daily basis when you're busy in 
the summer now another feature that this die   grinder has is it is variable speed so if 
you just push the trigger in a little bit it'll turn slow so it's basically like a drill and if 
i just go all the way it goes faster   and sometimes i use this a lot like i don't need 
it to be full blast all the time sometimes i just   hold the trigger a bit and it does the job i find 
it just amazing how the tools have changed in the   last five to ten years it's just awesome no more 
cords no more air hoses and the batteries are   just like super good they last so long it just 
makes working so much better and so much quicker   anyway that's all i got to say about the tool 
i'm sure i forgot to say some things about it   if you do have the tool please comment below let 
us know how you like it and how things are going   for you using it in your shop by the way i put 
a link under the video to where you can read all   about the specs on the milwaukee website and also 
make sure to check out my other milwaukee tool   review videos and again i'm not sponsored for any 
of these videos i always buy my own tools before   i make video reviews and i bought this tool a 
few months ago so i tried it out a bit in the   shop here before making the video and i wanted 
to make sure before i made the video that i was   really happy with it i kind of knew from day one 
that i would just love this tool especially when   i tried it and i saw how much power it has and 
one more tip guys is if you're using this tool   and you put too much pressure and it's forcing 
it will stop so you just release the trigger   and then start over again that means you've put 
too much pressure on it if that's the case you   might want to up the rpms at the back here so 
if you run across that it's not the tool's fault   they're just designed that way so that you don't 
burn it out and also my milwaukee angle grinder   has the same feature if i try to cut too quickly 
with it and it's forcing it will shut itself off   and then i have to release the trigger and start 
over again you will actually get used to that   so don't worry about it but with the die grinder 
here if you up the rpms this thing will not stop   and after i used the tool once or twice i realized 
that i should have bought this tool way before i   did so thanks again for watching this tour review 
make sure to watch my other videos they're mostly   all about small engine repair and make sure 
you're subscribed and that you're following   me on facebook twitter and instagram all the 
links are below the video and have a great day

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