TOOL REVIEW – Milwaukee M12 FUEL Right Angle Die Grinder -“Must Have Tool”! – Video

7November 2021

Hey guys welcome back to my small engine repairchannel today, i’ve got a cool tool to show youguys that i just bought. It’S the milwaukee fuelm12 brushless angle die grinder, and this is oneof the best tools i bought so far. This yeari have bought a few more tools that i wantto show you guys in the year, but i wouldsay this is a must-have tool. If you do anykind of repairs, especially on small engines sohere, it is up close. It was just a bare tool: igot, because i do have a lot of m12 batteries andhere’s the product number. It’S the quarter, inchright angle die grinder, number 2485-20 andagain, it’s the pro version. Fuel m12 and thebatteries do last a bit longer on the brushlesscordless tools, guys because there are no brushesso, here’s what i paid for it with tax 259.89subtotal was 229.99 by the way we pay 13taxes here in canada on products, but this toolguys is worth every penny. So, basically, when youbuy this tool, it comes in a small box like thiswith no battery, you will get the two wrenches hereto, remove and reinstall bits or whatever you’reusing on it and you’ll get some paperwork withit. That’S all that comes with it, and what i’llrecommend for this tool is that you use the biggerm12 batteries like this one there’s the4.0 5.0 and the 6

0, it’s not too bad withconsuming your battery power, but if you do a bigjob you’ll be happy that you do have a big batterynow. Everything you put into this stool will bequarter inch. So if you have a tool like thiswhich, is a roll lock tool from 3m? It will go inthere and that’s what i use the most on this tooland, this small die grinder is powerful enough touse, these small deburring or burring bits herenow. If you look at the tool closely, you can seeit’s good quality. It actually feels really goodin your hand. It feels like it is good qualityit’s, not that heavy. Now the weight will mostlydepend on the battery you put on. I use the bigbattery, so it’s a little heavier but not badnow. One neat feature: i really like about this toolis that you can change the speed of the rpms of itit came with this little sticker. Showingwhat number corresponds to which rpm speedso on one it’s 10, 000 rpm. You can hear itdoesn’t spin too fast. It’S a little less powerfulat number one setting. If you go to number two at15 000 rpms it’ll spin a lot faster and it’s alittle more powerful. It takes more force, toactually, get it to stop. Turning when you’regrinding stuff or whatever you’re doing now, atnumber three at 20, 000 rpms, it basically won’tstop on anything you’re grinding or polishingand. If you go to number four it’s super fast and before that sticker comes offhere, i want to show you what eachnumber corresponds to in rpms. One isten thousand two is fifteen. Thousandthree is twenty five and four is twenty fourthousand five hundred rpms and most of thetime i’ll use, number two or number three becauseit doesn’t really bog down at those numbers andlike. I said basically what i use all the time: isthe roll, lock adapter here so i’ll. Just put it in, and basically with the wrenches that camewith it you just lock this part of the shaftand, then you tighten up this nut here and youdon’t need to go crazy with tightening up this nutyou just want it fairly. Tightbut, you don’t need to overdo itand. I highly recommend guys to get this toolactually and get the roloc adapter, because youcan put these small flat discs and i’ll just showyou in the next clip here. What i use it for mostlyhere’s, an example where i’ll be using this tooli’ve got a honda shoot here from a snowbloweroften. The metal will break where it’s boltedon, the body. So what you need to do here, beforeyou weld that is to just clean it up and withthe. Small flap disc, on the grinder, it’s easy toclean that up and i’ll show you that rightnow and i’ll set it at number. Three at 20000 rpms make sure you’re wearing your safetyglasses and you’ll see how awesome this tool is, and, as you see it’s prepped on both sides, ifyou don’t remove the paint. What happens whenyou try to mig weld that it pops a lot. You don’tget good penetration as well, and i can just putthe piece back on well that it’s going togo easier, because it’s not full of paintnow good use for the flap discs on thistool guys is to take off some of the burrson chainsaw bars at the bottom. Here and makeabsolutely sure you’re wearing safety glasses, and i did this on the number two setting and seehow a good job. It does it’s nice and smooth again and, as you just saw in the clip guys, it makes forquick work, especially on detailed work. Like i justshowed you on that shoot, it saves a whole lot oftime. It does a super good job with the small flatdisc and it’s very simple to replace these youjust untwist it and then screw in your other padso. You can kind of use whatever pad fits onhere. Just make sure you use the same size of padas, your roll, lock adapter here now when youuse this tool, there is some kind of safetylever on the trigger, so you have to kind ofpush this up and then at the same time, pushdown and you do have a Small light herethat comes on like most milwaukee toolsand, then it shuts off in a few seconds. Anotherneat feature is the small set of lights, herethey light up when you’re using the toolto, let you know the level of your battery. So at this point my battery is fullycharged. That’S why all the lights, cameon and here’s a close-up look of it. Now i will remove the sticker here, because itwill come off eventually and again, i must saythat. It does feel of good quality in your handsand. These come with a five year warranty i believeso to me: that’s an extremely good warranty, andhere’s, the warranty information here. Yes, it isfive years, like i just mentioned so to me – was kindof a no-brainer to go from this, which was my oldair die grinder to the cordless, because now idon’t have some air hoses in the way to tripin. If i need to go outside the shop, i can takeall my cordless tools with me, including this andi. Don’T need any power, cords and air hoses. So ifany of you guys do any kind of mobile repair. Workthe, cordless milwaukee tools are just awesome. Andmost of you guys have probably seen all my othertool reviews on my cordless milwaukee tools. Andyou know what guys, since i bought those tools, ibarely use my quarter tools or my pneumatictools, and by the way this small milwaukeecordless die. Grinder is more powerful than myair dye grinder. Here this is an ingersoll 3101gair die grinder. So if you want to compare it tothis the milwaukee is much more powerful. I neveruse this one here anymore. Now, i have to say: thati could not find this at home depot or the regularstores that i shop at that. I buy my milwaukeetools. I actually had to go on amazon and buyit from a third-party seller and i’ll just showyou, a quick use for this buffing pad. I recentlybrought my bike back from the shop got caughtin the rain, and now you can see a bit of ruston. The disc brakes or the discs here, it’s easy, toremove, the rust with these just take a look here, and i can’t say it enough guys: these 3m padsare a must-have in any small engine shopi get a lot of questions on youtube. Peopleask me: what tools should i get for my shopif you’re watching this video today and you canafford it get this tool. You won’t regret it andbuy, the roloc adapter and these pads and alsothe small flat discs, because you will use thesealmost on a daily basis when you’re busy inthe summer now. Another feature that this diegrinder has is: it is variable speed, so ifyou just push the trigger in a little bit. It’Ll turn slow. So it’s basically like a drill and ifi just go all the way it goes fasterand. Sometimes i use this a lot like. I don’t needit to be full blast all the time. Sometimes i justhold the trigger a bit and it does the job. I findit just amazing how the tools have changed in thelast five to ten years. It’S just awesome, no morecords, no more air hoses and the batteries arejust like super good. They last so long it justmakes working so much better and so much quickeranyway. That’S all i got to say about the tooli’m sure i forgot to say some things about itif. You do have the tool, please comment below letus know how you like it and how things are goingfor you using it in your shop. By the way i puta link under the video to where you can read allabout the specs on the milwaukee website and alsomake sure to check out my other milwaukee toolreview videos and again, i’m not sponsored for anyof these videos. I always buy my own tools. Beforei make video reviews and i bought this tool afew months ago, so i tried it out a bit in theshop here before making the video and i wantedto make sure before i made the video that i wasreally happy with it, i kind of knew from day onethat. I would just love this tool, especially wheni tried it and i saw how much power it has andone more tip. Guys is, if you’re, using this tooland, you put too much pressure and it’s forcingit will stop so you just release the triggerand then start over again. That means you’ve puttoo much pressure on it. If that’s the case, youmight want to up the rpms at the back here. Soif you run across that it’s not the tool’s faultthey’re just designed that way, so that you don’tburn it out and also my milwaukee angle, grinderhas the same feature. If i try to cut too quicklywith it and it’s forcing it will shut itself offand, then i have to release the trigger and startover again. You will actually get used to thatso, don’t worry about it, but with the die grinderhere. If you up the rpms, this thing will not stopand after i used the tool once or twice i realizedthat. I should have bought this tool way before idid. So thanks again for watching this tour reviewmake sure to watch my other videos, they’re mostlyall, about small engine repair and make sureyou’re subscribed and that you’re followingme on facebook, twitter and instagram all thelinks are below the video and have a great day.

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