Tool Review – Milwaukee M18 Forcelogic vs Ridgid Proporess

3January 2022

Hi everyone I'm George today I'm gonna
be doing a tool comparison on the rigid and Milwaukee ProPress machine so
on my right we have the rigid RP 340 on my left we have the Milwaukee M18 for
select machine they both have a heads from half inch up to two inch so it all
they're both really good machines so they have to say they have the same
function the rigid is a little bigger than the Milwaukee Milwaukee is more
elongated tool but this rigid has a swiveling head which helps you get into
tight spaces so there will put the rigid battery on it's also 18 volt the power
buttons on the top press the green button you're good to go
you pulled the pin out slide the half inch head on here we have another video demonstrating how
you use the fittings basic I'll put this fitting on here open up the jaw so it's a little tough to pull the
fitting out of the joy to get stuck in there after depressing
so the Milwaukee tools about the same yeah well we have the same pin that
comes out slide the head the same way push it back our power button is right
here we're going to let it cycle through just put our other piece of pipe on here saying all the way all right so that's about it for those
now I personally like the rigid more just because we had less issues and we
have done more work with the rigid we recently got to Milwaukee and right out
of the box one of our batteries was bad we use that to complete one job and
after midway through that job we had to bring the rigid machine in there to
finish it up because this Milwaukee started losing power so I mean the good
thing about Milwaukee is they do have a warranty we took it in for repair they
got the tool fixed and back to us in a short period of time but I mean so far
we've done plenty of jobs with the original machine and had no issues with
it so I would recommend the rigid but I mean they're both really good machines
thank you for watching we'll be putting out more videos please like comment and
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