10September 2021

– Today I wanna talk to you about the top five places that you can find the best tool deals. It doesn’t matter if it’s online or in store, I’m gonna show you how to save some money. Speaking of saving money, I decided to wear the In God, We Trust shirt because it’s on our money, and I like the shirt. if you wanna go check out this shirt, not sponsored, I bought this with my own money.

This thing is a cool shirt. Stick around for that Power Tip. I show you how to find the deal on the exact tool you’re looking for. How you doing, I’m Matt with, today, we’re gonna talk about saving some money when you’re buying those tools.

I’m gonna show you the top five places I look to help me find deals on those tools, no matter if it’s hand tools, power tools, or woodworking tools, we’re gonna save you some money. Hey, if you have not subscribed yet, I would greatly appreciate it if you click that subscribe button down there, hit the bell icon so that you get notified of all the new content that we’ve got coming.

First on the list, if you’re always looking to save a little bit of money so that you can make it go further, especially as you’re starting out, you’re gonna wanna make that money stretch as far as you can and buy the most tools, get the most bang for the buck as they say. YouTube, I know you’re thinking like, how’s YouTube gonna help me save money? Check these guys out on YouTube, some of the best guys to follow, subscribe to them.

I’m not associated with them, as far as I know, none of them even know who I am, but I watch a lot of their stuff, and they’re always posting deals. Check these guys out. So the first one I’m gonna recommend in no particular order, check out Jeffostroff. He has about a hundred and something thousand subscribers at this point, but he consistently post deals on tools that he’s finding. Follow him and you get notifications.

He’ll be keeping you up to date on a lot of the tools that you’re looking for.

We’re talking deals from Lowe’s, Home Depot, and online, so he’s good to follow. Next on the list, and probably my favorite out of the bunch, TOOL BOSS. TOOL BOSS goes into the store, takes his camera in there, he’ll show you Home Depot, Lowe’s, that sorta thing. It’s like being in the store with him.

He’s pointing out the deals, he keeps up with it relentlessly. So, you know when he says, hey, this product is on sale, then you’re actually gonna save some money. I watched a lot of his videos. He keeps up with the online stuff as well, and he posts videos of those, just screen-sharing what he’s finding online. He’s gonna keep you up to date on the top deals that you can find to save you some money on tools.

He also finds hacks that you can use to save even more money, whether it be adding certain tools, combos together to save the most money, coupon codes, that sort of thing. He’s an excellent follow if you’re gonna follow anybody else out of these people that I’m recommended on YouTube, go TOOL BOSS. There’ll be links in the description below to his channels as well as the other ones I’m talking about. TOOL BOSS posts daily and sometimes multiple times a day, so you’re always gonna be on top. He keeps on top of these tool deals like nobody else I’ve seen.

He is an excellent follow. Next on the list is Den of Tools. This is by far not my favorite channel, but they do have good deals.

It’s a talking animated bear. It’s just not my speed.

They do post a lot of good deals on tools to help you save some money. I just, it’s just not my thing. I’m not into watching a talking bear. Another channel is toolhead 147, he’s an up and comer. He’s sitting at a little over 5,000 subscribers at the time of this video, he’s doing a good job.

You’ll probably help him out if you go follow him. Now he’s posting the good deals as well, so it’s always good to follow multiple people because somebody might pick up on a deal that you haven’t seen before, especially if it’s something you’re in the market for and you’ve been holding out for. VCG Construction, it’s the biggest channel of this group. He’s at over 300,000 subscribers, he posts deals a lot, and he also goes into the store and takes his camera in there and explains the deals to you.

He’s a pretty good follow, I recommend him and TOOL BOSS out of the package, but the other ones are all good, just check those guys out.

They’re gonna help you save money on hand tools, power tools, that sort of thing. Second on the list, I do this every morning. I sit down after I cooked my breakfast, while I’m eating breakfast and drinking coffee, I have it set up on my laptop, first thing I’m gonna do when I sit down is read my Bible. You should read your Bible. It’s food for the soul, brother.

I read it on Keeps up with it, they got daily reading plans. It’s good stuff, you should go check it out. After I do that, I have a tab in Chrome that just says morning.

I just open, there’s like 13 tabs in there, and it opens all 13 of those.

On that tab, every single morning, I have Home Depot, Lowe’s, and several other deal sites set up that when they open up, I’m able to see the deals of the day. Home Depot, Lowe’s, ACE Hardware, that sort of thing, those type websites will have a deal every single day. That’s where you can save some serious money on some tools if that’s what you’re looking for. Now Home Depot and Lowe’s will also have on that daily deal, it’s not always tools, sometimes it’s toilet, sometimes it’s flooring, sometimes it’s ceiling fans.

Kinda like Forrest Gump says, “like a box of chocolates, you don’t know what you’re gonna get.” But you can save some money because a lot of times they’re gonna have deals on DeWalt, Milwaukee, Rigid, anything from drills and combo kits, all the way up to table saws, miter saws, that sort of thing, so I like to watch those channels or watch those websites for those deals. I’ll drop a link in the description below to Home Depot, Lowe’s, and maybe one or two more that have daily deals. Also, woodcraft.

com, they’re constantly having sales, just like any other business, they’re gonna have sales. You can go check them out from time to time to see what kind of sales they’re having.

A lot of times, Rockler, Woodcraft, stuff like that will have monthly deals. is a excellent place to buy tools, as well as find good deals.

I’m not associated with any of these people, it’s who I look at. So you wanna look, the first thing you’re gonna see, obviously, whatever they’re featuring on that day, or that week, or that month, or whatever is gonna be right there in the center. So as you scroll down, you’ve got a banner there trying to advertise whatever they’re trying to push that day, but if you go to the top, you’ll see right in the middle, you’ll see tool deals.

You click on tool deals, that’s gonna open up all the tool deals.

This place is a good place to do that, just go to the tool deals, scroll through here. They’ve got it blocked off really nice, and everything is very easy to see what’s on sale. I like to scroll through here, kinda keep an eye on that stuff, see what actually is on sale, maybe get a good deal on some tools. This is, I like this style because it’s more of a blog style, where he’s posting deals constantly in the newest deals on the top of the page. So if you go there, you can just look right on the far right side of the top banner there, you see deals, click on that, and that’s gonna take you to the latest deals, and we’ve got some really good deals coming up, especially since we’re in November.

At the time of this recording, you got Black Friday coming, it’s a good place to go to watch for Black Friday deals on tools. My number one website to keep up with tool deals, by far The only thing on this page, on is tools, and whether it be hand tools, ladders, anything like that, your power tools are gonna be on there, I have found more deals watching this page, if you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, that sort of thing, you’ll see on my stories, a lot of times I’ll post deals.

I’ll say, hey, this is a good deal. So if I know it’s a good deal, it’s a good deal. I’m gonna put it on my story and say, you should go check this out if you’re in the market for this planer, or this miter saw, or this jointer, or whatever you’re in the market. And what’s great about Slickdeals is they go out and find the best deal, it’s all user submitted, so people that know that this is a deal, they will submit it, it gets uploaded and downloaded, that sort of thing, so the cream rises to the top.

And so the first page, you’re gonna get the best deals and then so on.

You can actually sort by Amazon, you can sort by Home Depot, you can sort by Lowe’s, whatever your, if you would prefer a store, you can sort that way. What’s awesome about Tooldeals, is you can actually search for the tool that you want. You can be generic and just say, table saw, and you can just go to that search bar and just search table saw. If you just wanna be real generic when you search for that table saw, it’s gonna find all the table saw deals that it knows about. Then you can scroll down and look and see if one of those saws are in your budget, and the ones that you want.

We can search miter saw, pull up that miter saw list, and see if there’s one in there that we like. If especially if we’re in the market for that miter saw, of course at the top they’re gonna have some ads, just scroll by those, then you can see Metabo, Kobalt, DeWalt 779, 12-inch sliding compound miter saw. That one right there.

See that? $500 saw, they got it on sale for 349 right now at the time of this recording.

That is a heck of a deal. So we click on that, if I wanted to buy that saw, I click on that deal, it’s gonna load up, it’s a $469 regular price, it’s on for 349 right now. And that’s on So you go there, click that, it’s gonna load up, it’s gonna get you free shipping if you got Prime.

349, that’s a dang good deal for that saw ’cause that’s always one awesome dude, I love that saw. That’s why I hadn’t got rid of it after I got that Delta. It was my first miter saw, but more than that, I just really liked the saw. It’s a really, really good saw. So from there, you can just add this to your cart and check out.

Now, let’s say you are looking for a specific tool. You wanna Kreg K5 pocket-hole jig like I’m using. How do you know when that one comes on sale? You know what time it is. Power Tip time.

My Power Tip is if you’re looking for a specific tool, or anything really, but we’re talking tools today, if you’re looking for a tool deal of a specific make and model of a tool, this is where you’re gonna find that.

And this will notify you when that tool goes on sale or when they get notified of the tool being on sale. So that’s what’s awesome, you don’t have to constantly check back every day to see if it finally went on sale, and you can finally get that deal of a lifetime you’ve been looking for. So what you do, is when you go to, you just look up there at that search bar, and let’s say, we’re looking for the Kreg K5, because you like pocket holes like me and you want a K5 pocket-hole jig.

About a little ways down, it says 19 results found, so we’re gonna scroll down and there are a couple of deals. Acme Tools here has the K5, only for a hundred bucks. Menards has it for 109. We’re wanting to save a little more money than that. We’re not ready to buy it at that price.

If you look to the right, just above that banner that says Black Friday, that Add a Deal Alert for Kreg K5, you’re gonna click on that.

That added the deal alert, so you can click on it again, and now you see it says Kreg K5, and you see the other things that I’ve been looking for here. If you click edit, see the edit button, you wanna click that edit. This is where you get to tell it when and how often to message you. So if you want to select all of these, local deals, Black Fridays, freebies, surveys, I wouldn’t do all that.

I would do hot deals, circular deals, local deals, Black Friday. That’s what I would do. Then right here, do you want everything to notify you? So it’s gonna send an email to you, it’s gonna send a private message to on this website.

So it’ll send it if you’ve got an account here, it’ll just send you basically an email, and then a message on this site.

And you want it to notify you instantly. The instant that the thing picks up it’s on sale, bam, you’re gonna be notified. Now on the sliding scale, the rating is how well others are rating it. So if it’s a one, then it’s not very highly rated, it’s probably either somebody posted it and it is not a good deal, and then so it gets downvoted. So you’re looking at the scale one to popular, the higher, the better.

I leave it set where it’s at because it’s a good at notifying you of a good deal if you just leave it. Just leave that, save it, and you’re all done. That’s the Power Tip. Now all you gotta do is wait for that email from

When you get that email, bam, fittin’ to save some money. (upbeat electronic music) That’s a really good deal.

399 and you get two of those for free. Or two now at 199 and get one free. That’s pretty cool.

(upbeat electronic music) I have no room for that, but I want one bad. (upbeat electronic music) Headed out of the Home Depot empty handed and they didn’t get a dime from me. That’s a win. Most especially because some of those deals were really good. The only reason I didn’t buy anything is ’cause I don’t need anything.

Man, if you’re in the market for some combo kits, I think this year is gonna be the year to buy.

Man, did you see that tool box? I want it. I have no room for it, zero. Like there is no where in here I could put that, anywhere.

Come on, let’s check it out. Who’s ready for a shop tour of 2020? So I did a shop tour of August of 2018, we’re looking at the no space right now. None, I don’t have any space for it, but it is fantastic. If I had room for it, I would love to have it, but I don’t.

So I ain’t getting it. I know, I did a shop tour November of 2018, if you have not seen that, I’ll drop a link in the description below, you can go check it out, what the shop actually looked like then. Oh my goodness, has it changed in two years. It is a huge change. I challenge you to go watch that.

See how much things can change in two years.

It’s awesome. I mean, I have been more than blessed in this little shop. This little two car garage has transformed like I would’ve never believed. So I’m gonna get around to hopefully doing a shop tour in the next few weeks.

Not really sure what you would wanna see in the shop tour, drop a comment below, and let me know what you wanna know about my shop. I’ll try to get that in that video. So I’ll try to get a shop tour done if you’re interested. Comment below if you are, if you’re not, then we won’t do one. Where do you go to find the best tool deals?

Comment below, that way others can read that, and they know where to go find those deals.

If you enjoyed this video, go ahead and click that box right there, that’ll take you to the next set of videos. Either one of these boxes right there, if you click on them, that’s gonna earn you that virtual fist bump. Clicking those boxes helps this channel, it also takes you to the next set of videos that you’re probably gonna enjoy, or at least I hope you do. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already, hit that thumbs up, and share it with your friends.

I would greatly appreciate it..

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