Trimming a hedge | BEST battery for PRO use Milwaukee M18 fuel tools

15December 2021

What about you! Robbie from Premier lawns
A lawn care company based in Belfast Northern Ireland
Milwaukee UK have been watching my show and they asked would I be interested in having a go with
some of their gear, so they very kindly sent me this set of hedge trimmers. This is the M18 battery powered hedge trimmer From Milwaukee UK
I want to thank Milwaukee UK for making this video possible. So Stick Around! Let's have a quick look.
Brushless motors.
This one set of batteries runs off all these different machines here…
You can get a blower, the hedge trimmers, strimmer. saws drills even lights… down here with
radios, blowers grinders – all sorts of machines just off
this one battery. A really good system. And then our hedge trimmer cuts up to two hours per charge, and it cuts branches up to 20 mm. Got 2 batteries with it. Just a quick thanks again to Milwaukee UK For sending me this hedge cutter and making this video possible! To everyone else, thank you for watching and I will see you next video.

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