What’s in my Tool Trailer for 2019 Building Season

10November 2021

what's up guys it's Kyle from RR
buildings and as you can see that trailer is empty of all the tools
because as the 2019 building season approaches I thought it was time to
bring this thing home and do a little spring cleaning so let's get into it now if you guys have been following me
on this channel for any amount of time you know that I do have a ton of tools I
am a tool lover and some I buy some are actually sent to me for free which is an
awesome perk of making content for you guys brands want me to clearly show
their brand in front of you however for me what it means is I'm lucky enough to
get to use a wide array of tools and find the ones that are gonna make me the
best post frame builder possible because in the end my bread and butter comes
from building buildings and through that I'm able to make all this content use
all these cool tools to show you guys in these videos now what I also know is
that what happens is my tool trailer gets over ran with tools and it gets a
little bit overwhelming so I thought let's bring the tool trailer home let's
get it cleaned up and let's pick out all the best tools they're gonna be be there
to make my job as easy as possible but also this gives me the opportunity to
share with you guys what a tool trailer might look like if you're trying to get
into the trades are you gonna go out on business on your own because that's a
question I'm asked quite often so I'll be able to show you what goes into our
trailer for the 2019 season and yes I already know it you're probably thinking
it this is a ton of tools and probably more tools than I would ever need but
stick around to the end of the video and I'll share with you guys my thoughts and
what I'm gonna do with these tools once I've picked through the ones that are
gonna make me hopefully the most money out on the job site now what I've done
is I've put together a list of all the categories that I need to fill in order
to get this trailer back on the job site and what I'm gonna do is we're just
gonna kind of go through because clearly I've got a lot of drills I've got a lot
of circular saws I've got a ton of SDS hammers framing you name it I've got
multiples and I'm just gonna pick through and grab the best one and listen
this is non sponsored content this isn't a commercial it's really hard for me to
share the information that you guys want about what the best tools are without
some of you assuming that it's sponsored so I get it but enough talk about that
I'm gonna share with you what I love what I
use and you do with it what you want the first thing is probably the most
important is tool belts I've got a couple more tool belts than I really
need that's because I actually used different tool belts depending on the
application whether I'm up on a roof whether it's the middle of the winter or
it's just a nice sunny day and you don't want suspenders you just need a nice
strap because you're doing some you know light work and you don't need big belts
so I'm gonna probably pick my diamondback tool belt that's gonna have
just the waist belt it's that and really needing suspenders as we go into the
warmer weather but I'm gonna keep the exo fit because that's my fall
protection and it allows me to also put bags on when I'm up there in the roof
doing you know whether it be rough steel ridge cap whatever and I can tie off so
that's kind of a nice plus now the next thing that I'm gonna pick out is a
circular saw circular saws are so important so common on the jobsite and
once again there's way more than a guy actually needs but they do serve
different functions so I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna grab one of the six
and a half inch left blade because I'm definitely a left blade guy and imma
grab a rear handle saw the rest of them I probably don't need I don't really
like right blade circular saws however they have their place I'll probably keep
one in the shop just in case you need it for a certain application where you you
need the blade on the right now the next thing that I'm gonna pick out to go into
the trailer is the impact driver you guys know how much I love an impact
driver and really any carpenter is probably going to utilize an impact
these days they're so versatile but that doesn't mean that one impact will do
everything perfectly I like to choose a standard framing impact then I also like
to go ahead and use a hydraulic driver that's going to help me just get that
nice detailed finish screw work without having all that noise and vibration in
my hands now obviously all job sites need a table saw so I think a jobsite
table saw especially nowadays we've got the cordless options which I don't care
it'll make a believer out of you they last forever and they have tons of power
and they're just super lightweight so I love a good job sight table saw that's
definitely going in the trailer now I know this is something that a lot of
people might argue me about but that is a framing nailer I don't typically
use a compressor for a standard framing gun you know I got my jumbo nailer which
I'm definitely gonna put in the trailer but also cordless framing nail guns have
come so far and there's a lot of different options to choose I've
actually done a video about these so if you want I'll go ahead and tag that
video go check that out but I'm still gonna throw a couple framing nailers
cordless framing nailers in the trailer for sure now you guys if you watch the
channel you know I do a lot of metal buildings which means I'm dealing with a
steel all the time so the metal tools those are definitely going in the
trailer my nib lers my shears grinders things of that nature now we already
talked about the impact driver but you definitely need to consider to have a
good drill driver and with today's awesome cordless tools you've also got
the hammer drill as an option on a drill so make sure you get a good one of those
because that's gonna be a great all-around tool to have
next time the list is a good miter saw I would definitely recommend looking into
cordless miter saws I've done another video on that which I'll go ahead and
tag here as well so check that out but you got to have a miter saw out on the
jobsite now here's something that I don't think
everybody needs to run out and buy the first time they're filling up their tool
trailer but if you're at the point where you got a lot of tools and you're
looking for that next tool that can really help you out I would look at a
track saw there's a couple different options whether that be like the Festool
carpentry saw that I use or just a regular track saw used to cut down sheet
goods but it's definitely something that I love to have in my trailer I don't
know how I waited this long to tell you guys you gotta have a good level in your
trailer or your work truck no carpenter can just say looks good enough to me
looks good to the eye you got to put a level on it to make sure things are
level and plumb so definitely have a good set of levels that you can rely on
not just the cheapest ones that you buy because that's super important now also
depending on the type of work you do I work outside dealing with large
structures I got a couple different lasers that aid in that process so
depending on what you're doing you want to look at a laser so maybe you don't
want to put a level up on a wall if you do a tile go get yourself a nice line
laser for me I've got a rotary laser a layout station laser and I do have some
line lasers we use occasionally and those are definitely important out
the job site you know how much I love my cordless tools or my gas free power
tools however you gotta have a compressor out on the jobsite because
you never know when you got to run air for us it's with the Jumbo nailer so
I've always got to have a compressor in the trailer as well now it doesn't
matter how good of a contractor you are we all make mistakes or we gotta tear
somebody else's work down which means a salsa is probably one of those tools
that even if you don't use it every day you got to have in your trailer because
when you need it you'll wish you had it now even though I work outside 99% of
the time I still like to have a vacuum handy sometimes I don't leave it in the
trailer but with these new cordless vacuums that are pretty small they stack
real nice you can slip them in a nice spot in the trailer so I've been adding
that to the collection as well now having a circular saw or a sawzall those
are great for cutting lumber but also I would recommend going out and getting
yourself a good jigsaw because they're handy to get into tight places or make
those detailed cuts when they arise not everybody is gonna need an impact wrench
right away but the more you do the more you find good uses for them whether
you're doing some bolts and some Ledger's on a deck or like me putting
brackets in and bolting your columns in for your post frames so look into an
impact wrench for a good addition to the tool trailer all those tools I just
shared with you are my opinion probably a good general contractor and list of
tools however you're always gonna have all those niche tools that you need in
order to do specialty items a little bit easier make your job a little bit more
efficient now with that in mind here's a list of some of those other things that
might be specialty tools that I put in my trailer for what I do personally we
keep a blower on hand in case we got a blow off and sawdust off of tools or
snow off of material in the middle of winter so that's nice because of the
fact that we do a lot of concrete drilling we always have a couple SDS
rotary hammers in the trailer a good right angle drill will help you get into
those tight spots to do some big boring of holes or just screwing a fasteners
since we deal in metal clad exteriors so often a versa clutch screw gun helps us
put those screws in a lot quicker and a lot more effectively
I'm not sure how I forgot about a cock gun every contractor needs a good cock
gun remember do your best cock the rest it's always nice to have a couple
cordless staple guns handy help you put up your soffit maybe some tie Veck or
vapor barrier now if you throw the right saw blade on a circular saw you can get
away with cutting steel but I like to have a sauce specifically made to cut
metal in my trailer because we do deal with that quite often next up is a
planer which definitely comes in handy when you need it if you've ever pounded
tico nails in a metal connector or while you're doing trusses you know how handy
it is to have a tool for that so a strap nailer always makes its way into my
trailer now I don't want to forget to talk about fall protection because
that's important and especially if you're out working on lifts up on the
side of a building or on a roof so make sure you got that in the trailer but
listen there's a ton of other things that I don't really have time to go
through like a first-aid kit that's super important you got to have
batteries obviously when you're talking cordless tools which means you got to
have chargers potentially drop cords in the trailer maybe a miter saw station or
a cut station you've got things like hand tools
hammers we didn't even talk about hammers you got drills you got
screwdrivers maybe snips punches I mean the list goes on and on and the big
thing to take away from that is it takes time to accumulate all of this stuff
it's not gonna happen day one you'll go broke trying to do it I remember hauling
all of my tools the first year of business in the back of my Volkswagen
Jetta it was a diesel Volkswagen Jetta and all of my tools that I use to do my
work fit in that car and as I grew I got a pickup then I remember getting my
first tool trailer so don't be discouraged if you guys are looking to
get into this you know gig of being a tradesman or a carpenter you're not
gonna have all of this on day one it takes hard work and it takes time but
hopefully this video kind of gave you an idea as to what it does take or what it
can become after a long time of doing it you start getting those niche tools and
you start building that portfolio to do the job the best you can
the most efficiency because in the end that's what it's all about it's about
making money and so by having happy customers and yes you can do it with
what circular saw and a hammer but as you branch out and get more tools you
become better and I will argue that with anybody so hopefully this video helped
you guys but also gave you insight into what we're doing specifically to prepare
ourselves as the weather turns nice outside northern Illinois and we're
getting ready for that 2019 building season to really kick off but I know it
means that there's also a ton of tools that are gonna be leftover tools that I
don't use I don't really need sitting on a shelf and I'm really excited to maybe
give that stuff back do my part to help out those young people that are maybe
working out of their Volkswagen Jetta so stay tuned to the channel because I'll
definitely share with you guys how I go ahead with sharing these tools and maybe
hopefully making some people's lives a little bit better and you know just in
general give back because I am very fortunate with the brand sending me all
this stuff and I don't need it I really appreciate you guys hanging around
hopefully you enjoyed it hopefully if there's a tool that you think I need in
my trailer obviously I want to know about it because I love tools and that's
what it's all about we all want to learn here make sure you hit that subscribe
button hit the bell for those notifications so you don't miss out on
any of the videos here on the channel and maybe share it with somebody that
you know is looking to get into the trades or needs to maybe up fit a
trailer with tools and they might enjoy the video as well so I thank you and
we'll see you guys on the next video two things I almost forgot one you
cannot go to a job site without a radio so make sure you got a job site radio
and now that I've got all these tools picked out that are gonna go in the
trailer I got to actually organize them in the trailer maybe a future video so
let me know down below if that's something you're interested in

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