WHITE’S FIRST BOOT UNDER $300! But is it any GOOD? – White’s Perry Boot Review

29December 2021

so White's boots are probably one of the 
top three best American made handmade   boot companies in the world in America and they 
just came out with their first boot under $300   and it happens to be a moc toe so let's cut it 
open and see what's inside of it so these are   the very last boots of this year's moctober we 
got the finale on Sunday November 1st and then   Saturday for halloween the halloween special I got 
a wild pair of boots uh that you guys are going   to like but for the moc toe finale I got trenton 
and heath and strideways with the guest appearance   so that one's going to be really fun so look out 
for that one and uh if you haven't subscribed   consider doing it because i'm trying to get that 
300,000 subscriber mark by the end of the year so   that Ican do these things give away some boots to 
you guys into some homeless and some store credit   so now let's get back to these boots so 
now let's go over the boot information and   kind of the backstory of these boots so these 
boots just came out this year on september 4th   and immediately everyone was blowing up 
my comments sections and dms wanting to   get these on the upcoming moctober series and I 
assumed that I wouldn't be able to do them because   all of White's boots are pretty pricey they're 
in that five to six hundred dollar price range   and then I looked at the price tag and they're 
less than the Red Wing moc toes so that was really   surprising to me and i'm really interested to see 
what's inside of these boots because as far as I   know no one knows exactly what's going inside of 
going on inside of here no one's seen a complete   cross-section and no one really knows every single 
component of this boot so i'm really excited to do   kind of a first look inside of White's first sub 
$300 boot and their very first moc toe so back   to the boot information so the brand is White's 
the model is their Perry boot and it's it's named   after the Perry District in Spokane the color is 
distressed and that's the only color they have   right now the price tag is $269 dollars they weigh 
one pound 13 ounces and they're made in Spokane,   Washington USA now let's go over the information 
that we can gather about these boots before we   cut them in half starting with the leather so this 
is a full grain chrome tanned leather tan by the   Seidel tannery here in the United States and it's 
a pretty thick leather it's it's 2.8 millimeters   to three millimeters thick which is thicker than 
any other any of the other moc toes that we've   cut and have and the temper of this leather is 
it's not quite as firm as the Red Wings but not   nearly as soft as the thorogoods so kind of a just 
a fairly medium tempered fairly malleable leather   that still gives you a little bit of structure 
next is the construction so it's a 360 goodyear   welted boot just like I think all the rest of 
them except for the Danner's but this is a it's a   little bit of a storm well where the welt goes up 
just a little bit up the side of the upper to give   it a little bit more water protection a little 
more dirt protection but it's not like a full   storm well where it's split and it goes halfway 
or it goes like a quarter of an inch up the boot   just a little bit of a storm welt and then to the 
construction of the upper so these boots are built   a lot like their regular $500 work boots where 
you've got the four rows of stitching where the   vamp meets the upper you've got the three rows of 
stitching around the counter you got the big back   stay and then just the general stitching around 
everywhere else and that kind of brings us to   the next point which is the counter cover so all 
the other boots that we've cut apart have had an   internal counter cover where the counter and 
the counter cover sits inside of the upper but   these boots are built more like their work boots 
and all the other really heavy duty work boots   where the counter is actually on the outside 
of the upper then you've got a piece of leather   that covers the counter on the outside the pros of 
having an external counter cover encounter is that   you don't have that lip inside of your heel that 
could catch your heel and give you blisters it's   a more comfortable fit and it's allegedly more 
durable the only con I could think of is the same   potential issue that I saw in the Thursday and 
the Carhartt where your heel is rubbing against   that seam over and over and over could wear that 
seam out but with these boots you've got the extra   stitching from the backstay and the counter cover 
that even if you did wear through a seam there's   tons of other seams and stitching to hold it 
together and all the handmade work boot companies   do it this way at least most of them so I don't 
think it's much of an issue next to the outsole   so this is a polyurethane based outsole and 
it's actually the same outsole that's put on the   Danner's but just branded as whites and I guess 
I got the banners wrong because on the Danner's   website it says it's a rubber outsole but I'm 
talking to the president of Whites he says it's   polyurethane based and it has a polyurethane feel 
to it and what's interesting is this is actually   the same the manufacturer that makes this outsole 
makes the Thorogood outsoles and I don't know if   it's the exact same compound it feels a little 
bit softer so I found it really interesting that   the one company that one U.S.

Based company makes 
the whites Danner's and Thorogood's outsoles and   then the product description says it's got a shank 
in here but I don't know if it's actually in the   if it's built into the outsole like we saw on 
the Danner's or if it sits on top of the outsole   kind of like what we saw in the Thorogood's 
so I guess we'll see we get it cut in half   moving to the inside of the boot so I can feel 
there's a leather liner at the vamp the toe area   of the boot and it kind of has a suede texture to 
it and there's no lining up to shaft of the boot   and then to the guts of the boot so the insole 
is a full grain leather insole but I don't know   how thick it is because you can't tell from the 
outside and no one's cut one in half yet and   they're supposed to be cork in here but also 
we don't know how much and where it's located   and other than that the rest of the inside is kind 
of a mystery and now to the sizing of these boots   so on White's website they recommend going a 
full size down from your natural shoe size so   if you wear 10 and a half like I do in pretty 
much everything you get a nine and a half in   these boots or based off your brannock device you 
go half a size down so I'm a 10 on the brannock   and I needed to go to a nine and a half in these 
now to the fit and feel and the overall look of   these boots so because this is a medium tempered 
leather it's not going to be nearly as hard to   break in as some of the other boots and it also 
comes with an ortholite insert so instead of just   your foot on that leather breaking the leather 
insole in you got a little bit of squish to kind   of aid with that and ease the break-in process 
and these boots are they do have a fair amount   of room in the toe box so they're comfortable 
you're not squishing your toes and the overall   look of them I actually really like the look 
of these boots they they have that look of the   handmade that pacific northwest boot look with 
that external counter cover the heavy stitching   so I really like the look of these boots some 
people might not as much because they don't   look quite as clean as like the red wings and 
some of the other more simple flat looking boots   but I really like them so that's pretty much 
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sponsoring this video and back to the cutting okay we got it cut in half let's see what's inside okay now let's go through the layers and kind of 
see what's what and also I forgot to tell you guys   Whites sent me this one boot that had a flaw in 
it looks like the stitching went up above the welt   so I could cut this in half instead of cutting my 
own pair in half so I can actually wear these and   give an informed review down the road because 
I think for next moctober I want to wear all   these moc toes that we reviewed in this moctober 
throughout the next year and kind of keep track   of the time and try to wear them as evenly as 
possible that's the one thing my channel lacks   is overall experience of feet in the boots 
so anyway back to what's inside of these   boots so starting with the polyurethane 
based outsole so this is the exact same   outsole as in the Danner's it's got the internal 
shank as we see here so if you like the Danner's   you like that outsole you'll like these 
as well because it's exact same moving up   is the 3.5 millimeter thick rubber midsole so this 
is that layer that the welt is sewn to that when   when these are resoled they peel this outsole off 
and a new one is glow glued to that midsole above   that is the cork filling you can see here and then 
above that is the 3.5 millimeter thick vegetable   tanned full grain leather insole this was thinner 
than I expected and I don't necessarily think it's   a bad thing or a good thing it's just kind of uh 
on on a scale of easy to break in and long lasting   you know on the easy to break inside we've got the 
fiberboard insoles that break in with a few few   times of wearing it versus the hard to break in 
long lasting five millimeter thick vegetable tan   leather insoles in the Red Wings that take forever 
to break in like I've complained about the entire   series like those Red Wings are tough under feet 
under your foot until you get them broken in so   this 3.5 millimeter insole is I think somewhere 
in the middle because with it being thinner it's   going to be a little bit easier to break in and 
it's not going to take three weeks to get your   footprint in the boot but it also has some of that 
longevity associated with a leather insole so you   might get a few more resoles out of this without 
needing more of a rebuild and then to maybe the   most interesting part about this boot and if you 
watched when I was cutting in half I couldn't get   through the counter and that's because it's a 
compressed cardboard counter um I don't really   know how to feel about this because I've never 
seen it before I've never had a boot that had a   pair of these in them so when I talked to Whites 
during the preparation of this video they told   me it was a compressed cardboard counter and that 
they've used it before in some of their fire boots   and they've never had any complaints about it so 
based off of what they say it's a decent counter   but I've never experienced it so let me know what 
you guys think and if you've ever had one of these   counters and what your thoughts are on it and 
as for the properties of this counter so it's   a really hard counter it's not nearly as flexible 
as the reconstituted leather counters like we've   seen in some of the other boots so in the heel 
itself you get a little bit more of a hard cupping   heel counter you know there's definitely a 
ridge right here of where your heel sits some   people might like that some people might hate 
it so that's kind of where these long-term wear   and reviews come in handy because after a year of 
wearing these on and off we should kind of have an   idea of how this this heel counter wears in so I'm 
really interested to see how this lasts over time   so overall what do I think of this boot I'm really 
impressed with this boot you know I saw that price   point and I saw the name brand and I was a little 
bit worried that it was going to be one of those   scenes kind of like what we saw with Carhartt 
and Doc Martens where a company uses a name to   sell a subpar product and make huge margins 
on them but I think for the this price this   is a really impressive boot and it's it's almost 
like they took everything wrong with the Danner's   upgraded it and made it better so if you like 
Danner's boots you're gonna love these boots   because everything is just fixed on it you know 
it's got the leather insole it's got the cork   it's got a better better leather um it doesn't 
have that terrible lining in it so very impressed   with these boots as for things I don't like 
about this boot I'm a little unsure about this   this compressed cardboard counter I just haven't 
experienced it I haven't I searched online for   information on this type of counter and I couldn't 
find anything so that may be the only thing that   I'm a little concerned about yeah I guess I 
guess that's like the only other thing I could   say is like maybe having a leather midsole but 
then you're starting to raise the price of the   boot and even the Red Wings didn't have a leather 
midsole so for this price point it's I'm pretty   impressed with this boot so let me know what you 
guys think what are your thoughts on this boot   and prepare for the finale we've got those guests 
coming in I'm really excited for the finale um   anytime I do a finale I want to bring some guests 
in because it it gets me excited and it's really   fun working with other youtubers and I really like 
breaking down these boots in a series type format   so that we actually have things to compare them to 
because we wouldn't know if this boot was any good   unless we had other boots to compare it to in 
similar price points so thanks for everything   you guys do if you're not subscribed consider 
doing it it helps a lot with the channel   and I appreciate everything you guys do
see ya!

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