Wiha Tools, Wiha Screwdrivers Comparison by KC Tool and Review of 17 screwdriver styles

1October 2021

Hi, I'm Kyle from KC Tool and I'm here with
a closer look at Wiha's selection of screwdrivers. I had to leave out the multi-bit and the multi-blade
systems in the interest of time. We'll have to tackle those in another video. Today we're just going to be talking about
traditional screwdrivers. And for comparison's sake we're going to have
them all in the Phillips tip.

All these are going to be #2 Phillips and
these are #00 Phillips with the exception of the ceramic, which is a size #0. So, let's get started with the precision screwdrivers. This is Wiha's basic precision screwdriver. The tip on these is extremely durable and
that's the difference in the precision screwdriver – the fact that you've got the tips that don't
wear out like other screwdrivers. It just makes a huge difference, especially
when you're doing it professionally. The handle here has a rotating cap, a really
smooth rotating cap. It's got a tapered handle.

The small section here is great when you've
gotta drive a bunch of screws in quickly or out quickly. Having a small handle diameter like this really
gives you a lot of speed. The blade is a hardened CVM steel, and the
blade is also hard-chrome finished. The ESD version has the same basic features
with a yellow cap. The handle is ESD Safe for using on sensitive
electronics. Even if you're not around sensitive electronics,
a lot of times it's nice to have this option for identification.

These are not labeled. I mean, they do say the size here, but they're
not labeled on the cap. So sometimes what I would do is I would have
all my Torx with the yellow cap and everything else with the red cap just so I could easily
know which ones are Torx and which ones aren't. The next thing here is ceramic. It's a ceramic precision screwdriver. It's anti-static and anti-magnetic. This is only available in a few slotted and
Phillips sizes but if you need something like that, then that's great. This is the premiere precision screwdriver. This is the best screwdriver you can get in
these sizes. What I really love about it is that the cap
is labeled and it's color-coded with the style and size of the tip on it.

This has the dual-material handle – the red
part here and inside below this black part is the solid-molded handle. But then it's got this – they call it the
Cushion Grip or SoftFinish. It's not squishy, but it's soft to the touch. It feels really nice on your hand and it gives
really good grip. The other thing that's great about this handle
is the large section here that is really small.

Yeah, the large small section. What I mean is that the diameter is small
and that allows you to have more rotation for every movement with your finger. You can really drive screws quickly in and
out with this. Same CVM steel blade and hard-chrome finish
on this. That rounds out the precision screwdrivers. Moving onto the traditional screwdrivers here. Like I said, these are all #2 Phillips and
they all have 100mm blade for comparison's sake. Now, this is Wiha's most popular screwdriver. It's their SoftFinish line. The handle is really comfortable. The solid molded core is this red part here
and below this of course. Again, it's got the Soft Finish. This black area's the Soft Finish. Really soft to the touch. It's not squishy but it's really grippy. It helps you apply a lot of torque to the
fastener. It's also got roll-off protection, which is
basically a flat area so if you lay it down on a sloped surface, it's not going to roll
away on you. The valley feels great with my index finger
and my thumb and the handle here feels really nice in my palm.

It's a really comfortable screwdriver. I could definitely use this all day long without
issue. The blade here is a super-hardened CVM steel. It's also hard-chrome finished. The tips – I'm not gonna say it on every one
of these screwdrivers, because all these tips are going to last an extremely long time. That's one thing about screwdrivers is that
you can't really tell the difference just by looking at them. You can't look at this tip – maybe you can
a little bit but for the most part it looks the same as a screwdriver you'd get down at
a big box store.

But the difference is that this tip is not
going to wear out like that. It's going to last a long time. The SoftFinish handle is also available in
heavy duty, which has a hex blade, which is made on hex stock and it's a little bit stronger. It's also got a hex bolster for you to stick
a wrench on here and get a little added leverage.

Otherwise, the handle has the same basic features. This also comes in an Extra Heavy Duty version,
which has a metal striking cap and all the same other features as the Heavy Duty. This is a little bit heavy to hold because
it's solid metal all the way through, but it's extremely heavy duty. The SoftFinish line also comes in ESD Safe. This one has basically the same features as
the standard SoftFinish except it is ESD Safe for use on sensitive electronics. Here we have the insulated version and all
these tools are individually tested to 10,000 Volts.

They rate them at 1,000 V AC or 1,500 V DC. The handle is basically the same. On this one the yellow part is the solid molded
core and the red is the SoftFinish. You can see the insulation here on the blade. There's also a SlimLine version of the insulated
tool which has the insulation integrated into the blade, which allows you to get into tight
spots a little better than the standard insulated screwdriver.

It goes about an inch and a half from the
tip, so if you've got a recessed screw that you need to get to, this may be a little bit
too thick. This one's gonna fit in there. And then it starts to widen out up here. Same handle, same features on the handle. Rounding out the SoftFinish line is gonna
be the Stainless Steel. The handle is the same, just a different color
obviously. What's important here is that this blade is
made entirely out of Stainless Steel. So if you're working outdoors, or you're going
to leave them outdoors, it's not going to rust. Another thing is, that sometimes people don't
know is that if you use a regular screwdriver on a stainless screw, there's some microscopic
particles that can be left behind from the screwdriver and those can rust so you can
have a stainless screw outside and it still have rust. If you've ever seen that, that's probably
what caused it.

Moving on from there, this handle looks the
same, but instead of a SoftFinish zone, it's got a MicroFinish zone. This is a patented technology from Wiha and
it's really awesome. If you're a mechanic or you're working in
wet or oily conditions, you pretty much have to get this screwdriver. If you check the forums, you'll see a lot
of mechanics really raving about this. This is kind of rough to the touch, but like
I said, if you're working in oily or wet conditions, the slip resistance you get from this handle
can't be matched. It's fantastic. Other than that, same basic shape of the handle,
same CVM steel blade, hard-chrome finished. The MicroFinish also comes in the Extra Heavy
Duty with the striking cap and the hex bolster and hex blade. Next up, we've got the 3K Ergonomic Series. I really like this handle, it's got two valleys. This one's great for the index finger and
thumb, the middle finger fits great in the next one and rest of it feels great in the
palm. The shape of it is a hex shape and it gives
you a little bit added ability to transfer the torque.

On this one the blue section is the molded
core – it's hard plastic and the black is the same Soft Finish material. So, it's definitely a comfortable handle. This one does have a chrome plated blade and
machined black tips. This is the least expensive screwdriver that
Wiha offers in this size. Another thing that some people love about
it is it's got a hanging hook so if you store your screwdrivers on a peg board, then the
hanging hook is a really great feature. This one also has roll off protection.

And this comes in a couple different colors
for the hex drivers, because you can't really tell by looking at the tip if it's a metric
or an inch hex, so they offer the hex drivers in a different color handle. That reminds me actually, the SoftFinish does
the same for hex and for TorxPlus, because TorxPlus is also a little bit hard to identify
just with your eye, just looking at the tip, so they do offer a couple different colors,
for easy identification, and something I forgot to mention is that the SoftFinish have the
tip size and style on the end here, which is a feature that I really like. Back to the 3K Ergonomic series, they have
another version which they call ACO or Anti-Cam-Out, and what that is is a tip that's got a bunch
of little grooves on it (I'm going to have to post a close-up picture of this so that
you can see what I'm talking about). What it does is it grips the screw head better
so when you're really torquing a screw, it won't slip out on your or "Cam Out" on you.

Well it still can, but it's going to make
it a little bit better. Next up is the dynamic grip and it's one of
my favorites. I really like this screwdriver for light-duty,
high-volume work. Like I replaced a bunch of wall outlets in
a house the other day, and they've got really long screws and you can get them out really
quickly with this. It's got a rotating cap and a narrow handle
here that allows you the speed that you need to drive or remove long screws. Now, when you do need to torque it down, it's
got this larger diameter part here, so you can grab this and get some pretty good torque
on it. Now, it's not going to give you the same amount
of torque that these other drivers are, but like I said, this is my go-to for light-duty
work or high-volume work, where you know you're going to be doing a lot of spinning.

Last but not least is the square and this
has an extremely heavy duty cellulose-acetate handle that is impact-resistant, CVM steel
blade. This is the only one in the lineup that has
got a nickel-plated blade. That's a closer look at the different features
of Wiha screwdrivers. We've got a really good selection of everyday
use screwdrivers. We've got the MicroFinish screwdrivers, which
are really great for mechanics or oily conditions. We've got the stainless steel. We've got precision. Pretty much everything you could want. All these screwdrivers have Wiha's lifetime
warranty. They're all extremely high quality. We talked about how just by looking at a screwdriver,
sometimes it's kind of hard to tell if it is a high quality screwdriver or not. Obviously these have a lot of features built-in,
but really the most important thing, when you're using a screwdriver, is the durability
and this is the way that the tip is designed – how precisely machined that tip is.

When you stick it in a screw, is it going
to fit exactly in there and stay in there, and not wanna cam out on you or pop out. You can see these fit really well. I invite you to try one. Buy one, see if you like it. I know you will. I guarantee you'll like it. I guarantee you'll love it and you probably
won't want to use anything else. Thanks for watching..

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