Work Boots 101: Odor Prevention

25December 2021

How do I keep my work boots from smelling?
Join us to find out. If you’re wearing your work boots all day everyday,
chances are they’re going to begin to stink. So we’re going to go over a few tips today
on how to combat the funk. You’re going to want to ditch the
cotton socks and go with a wool sock. Superbilt or Carhartt© wool socks can help with that. What it will do, is draw the moisture and sweat
away from your skin and into the sock. If you’re not a fan of wool socks,
you can carry two pairs of socks to work
everyday, and change them out intermittently.

When you’re done working for the day,
make sure you put your boots in a well lit,
well ventilated area. You don’t want to put them in a dark
corner of your garage. That’s an invitation
for bacteria. So you want to keep good air circulation
in a well ventilated area. That’ll help get
your boots dried out. Another option to consider is the
Peet’s shoe dryer. It’s a safe, silent option and it blows
heat and air directly into the boot. That way you’re not giving bacteria
free reign on your damp boot. Spray the inside of your work boots
with Stink Free Spray©. You can spray them twice a day as
needed, until the smell is gone. You’ll want to let them dry out prior
to wearing. You can do this a few times
per week if needed. Consider purchasing a second pair of boots.

That way you can alternate
between work days. This will give your boots more time
to dry out, and as a bonus, you can
prolong the life of both pairs. Those tips should help your work boots
smell a little more pleasant. If you have any questions, please
comment below. We’d love to hear from you.
Thanks for joining us!.

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