WORX Aerocart

29September 2021

– [Voiceover] Introducing
the Worx AeroCart. The eight-in-one tool that makes
every load as light as air. – You can carry anything in it and you can use it for
a multitude of things. – [Voiceover] Like moving
heavy water jugs with ease and not straining your
back moving potted plants. – This actually just
lightened the load a lot. I can move it around and
not have to worry that.

– I can tackle any job that I needed to in my yard or anything like that, 'cause you don't need a man. – [Voiceover] Move
anything faster and easier. – Yeah, it's great. It is like magic. – [Voiceover] The Worx AeroCart. Make any load as light as air..

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